“Refugees” and the
“Right of Return”

First published September 06, 2003.
Revised May 2007

Subversion of Meaning

Caroline B. Glick’s “The War of Words” (Column One, Jerusalem Post 5/9/03) was a necessary reminder of the power of words as an effective Palestinian weapon in its war against Israel.

In one of many apt examples of the subversion of meaning Glick mentions the extraordinary redefinition of ‘refugee’:

“For every other group, the status of refugee exists only for those individuals who actually lived in a country and left. But for Palestinians, every relative, child, and grandchild of an Arab who left Israel in 1948 is a refugee. “Under international law, it is the responsibility of the countries that take in refugees to provide them with a home. But for Palestinians, the situation is reversed.”

The United Nations, siding as it does with the Arab/Islamic bloc, has endorsed this mutilation of meaning in many of its anti-Israel resolutions.

Impossibility of Returning If You’ve Never Been

There is however, an inherent anomaly in the widely propagandized “right of return”. For to return anywhere you have to have been there in the first place. Try as the Arabs and their formidable claque of UN redefiners may, it is impossible to return to a place you never have been. This applies to every so called “Palestinian refugee” born and bred after 1948.

Many believe that the Arab “right of return” is ensconced in the PALESTINIAN NATIONAL CHARTER (July 1968). Not so. Despite the deluge of declarations from the Palestinian camp the “right of return” catch phrase does not exist in that Charter.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to commandeer this term was an undoubted PR coup – and not all that many years ago. It was based, says the PA, on the Jewish right of return. However, there is an inherent flaw in this comparison.

Exclusive Right of Diaspora Jews to Return

The Jewish right of return is spelled out in the founding charter of the State of Israel. The specific wording does not mention ‘right of return’. It only refers to the Jewish right of immigration. Thus: “THE STATE OF ISRAEL will be open to the immigration of Jews from all countries of their dispersion”.

Clearly the Arabs have no right of return to the State of Israel. Nor have they any legal right of immigration. Only Jews have that right. All others must apply.

United Nations Accepts Jewish Right

Thus all nations which voted for the acceptance of the State of Israel as a member of the United Nations in November 1948, explicitly approved the exclusive Jewish right of free immigration.

All nations which subsequently recognized Israel during the past 59 years implicitly confirmed this inherent Jewish right.

The overwhelming majority of Arabs who left Palestine in 1948 did so of their own accord. They did not flee in the usual sense of the term. They walked, they bussed. They rode on camels and donkeys. The wealthier used cars. The British ferried many in military vehicles. They traveled leisurely by boat to Lebanon. All in fairly unhurried fashion. No Israeli soldiers chased them.

Evacuees Not Refugees

Samuel Katz, who was there, wrote copiously about the Arab exit. He correctly called them evacuees. The great majority, i.e. those under 59 cannot return to a country they’ve never seen or been. That’s an oxymoron if ever there was one. They do have the right to apply to immigrate to the Jewish State – but no free right to do so.

They were self propelled evacuees who were exhorted to leave home for a very short while to allow the Arab armies conquer and throw the Jews into the sea. We cannot forget their cruel intention. We are not responsible for the pain of our would-be exterminators in their self-imposed exile. And we will not take this bitter, hate-filled enemy back to our bosom.

The Arabs who wanted to see all the Jews killed, as their leaders so loudly proclaimed – now want to come back to try again – at the right time. They believe Allah will surely be with them next time .

59 Years of Deep Core Hatred

Meanwhile, for 59 years, they have deliberately imparted a daily dose of deep core hatred to their children, in tens of thousands of madrassahs. And hateful, inciteful sermons in their mosques every Friday.

The Arabs had suffered an ignominious military defeat at the hands of poorly armed Jews who had not fought a battle since the days of the Maccabees. They refer to their 1948 catastrophe as their ‘naqba’. The few hundred thousand Arabs who fled have now become some 3 or 4 million – exact numbers are unknown. (The Koran does not sanction birth control.)

Clever PR Ploy

The Palestinians who upped to make way for the Arab armies which were going to make mincemeat of the Jews, are now demanding that all who wish to return should be allowed to because they have a “right of return”.

Baloney. That so called “right” is nothing more that a clever Palestinian PR ploy to use a Jewish concept to augment their argument, to make it kosher. It certainly is clever propaganda, but propaganda does not validate false historic claims.

The Arabs must not expect Israel to lay down the welcome mat for those who failed to see their wish for the obliteration of Israel come true in 1948. Israel knows full well that this would merely be a prelude to yet another attempt to do us in. That is if they don’t first succeed in taking demographic control of the Jewish State by their many wives and as big families as nature will allow without birth control.

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