The Brazenly Provocative,
Astonishingly Uneducated,

October 29, 2007

I acknowledge my title to the sharp rebuke of Columbia’s President Lee Bollinger who, in his introductory remarks said the Iranian leader was “either brazenly provocative or astonishingly uneducated.”

I believe Bollinger was correct except for his “either or”. Surely Ahmadinejad is both “brazenly provocative” and “astonishingly uneducated”?

“We don’t have homosexuals”

Take Ahmadinejad’s absurd assertion that there are no homosexuals in Iran. “In Iran,” he said, “we don’t have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that in our country. In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon.” This breathtaking lie got a spontaneous and well deserved horse laugh from his audience.

Wiping Israel Off the Map

The Iranian president was careful to neither confirm nor deny his threat to obliterate Israel. However, he is undeniably on record on many occasions in past months, as evidenced by a Google search for “Ahmadinejad + Wipe Israel off the map”. 206 References were immediately offered.

Denying the Holocaust

Ahmadinejad brazenly lied about not disputing the holocaust, claiming that he merely called for further research on the subject. The fact is that he has been widely reported by credible sources as having categorically denied the Holocaust. Google provides no less than 825 references for a search on “Ahmadinejad Holocaust Denial”!

“It happened in Europe”

In questioning the reality of the Holocaust Ahmadinejad ingenuously argues that the Palestinians shouldn’t be paying the price for Israel’s creation. “After all”, he says, “it happened in Europe.”

“It”, of course, is the Holocaust. So in his Columbia appearance and possibly in an unguarded moment, Ahmadinejad says it did happen! Bollinger was right on the nail describing him as provocative and uneducated. He might have added that he was also something of a hypocrite.

Provocative and Uneducated

Do we need more evidence of this man’s dishonesty; his provocative and astonishingly uneducated pronouncements? Ahmadinejad provided more by way of this propaganda gambit:

“… Why is it” he asked, “that the Palestinians should pay a price, innocent Palestinians? For 5 million people [a mythical number from someone who describes himself as addicted to the scientific method] to remain displaced or refugees of war for 60 years — is this not a crime?”

“Palestinian” refugees in 1948?

Excuse me, but they never described themselves as Palestinians at that time. Until 1948 the Arabs in this area had generally referred to themselves as Southern Syrians. They only latched onto Palestinian nationality after 1964, when the Palestine Liberation Organization was established. Its purpose was to lay claim to an ancient identity.

Innocent “Palestinians”?

To call them “innocent Palestinians” is simply untrue. These so called “Innocent” Arabs had been terrorizing Jewish civilians well before Israel was founded. And never ceased to terrorize us afterwards. Their record from as early as 1921 includes this testimony of murder and mayhem:

In 1921, Arabs killed 47 Jews and wounding many more in bloody riots they initiated.

In 1929 they massacred 70 Jews in riots in Hebron, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Haifa. Hundreds more were wounded.

From 1936 to 1939, the “Arab Revolt” was motivated by their leader Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem. The Arabs murdered hundreds of Jews during these three years of violence. And wounded many hundreds more.

In 1941 the Mufti traveled to Germany where he met frequently with Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders. He persuaded the Germans that he would carry out their anti-Jewish program in Palestine using Hitler’s methods. Hitler happily agreed to support the Mufti and the Arabs to destroy Jews in Israel and those in other Arab lands.

Immediately after passage of the UN Resolution recognizing the Jewish State (November 1947) local Arab militias commenced a sustained jihad against the civilian Jewish communities. British army and police provided no protection.

The Guilty “Palestinians”

Ahmadinejad holds Israel responsible for the plight of the “innocent Palestinians” who had to pay the price of their 60 year refugee status. And “was this not a crime” he asked? Here Ahmadinejad provides additional evidence of his ignorance. Because the Arab refugees paid a price for one reason only: they were not innocent. They had been clearly guilty . . .

Guilty because they never accepted the statehood offered by the Peel Commission in 1937.

Guilty because they refused to accept the two state solution proposed by the United Nations in 1948. Israel accepted. But the Arabs weren’t satisfied with their greater share of the land – they wanted it all. They opted for war and lost it, deservedly.

Guilty because they were complicit in motivating the armies of the Arab League to attack and drive the Jews into the sea. Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq immediately contributed substantial forces. (Saudi Arabia and Yemen sent small contingents.)

Guilty because they took the advice of the Arab League leaders who urged them to get out of the way of their advancing armies. Others fled the war zones as do most refugees, simply because they feared for their lives.

Guilty of fleeing while the heavily outnumbered, outgunned and unprotected Jews stood their ground. And fought obstinately and desperately for their lives, families, homes and their newly founded Jewish State.

Guilty of not asking Egypt and Jordan for their state during the 19 years these Arab states occupied Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem (1948-1967). It could have been their’s for the asking!

Guilty of preaching and teaching genocidal anti-Jewish hate to their children and grandchildren. In every mosque and madrassah.

Guilty of promising themselves and their progeny a killing and looting spree that would put the Mongol hordes to shame. And to please Allah.

Guilty of believing that those who have made themselves Israel’s irreconcilable enemy have any right at all to a compensated return to their so called “homeland”.

Another Jewish Holocaust?

Ahmadinejad tells how he thinks of himself as an intellectual academic who takes care to research the other side before reaching his conclusions. If only he had the courage of his convictions!

Even if he was unable to change his mindset, at least he might have learned that Israel had a case. He might have understood that we cannot and will not allow the bloodthirsty, genocidal Palestinians to invade us and initiate a second Jewish holocaust. Within living memory of the German one!

I serenely believe the President of Iran will be prevented from obliterating Israel (to please Allah) with nuclear or chemical technology. As to who will do the preventing I prefer not to opine.

3 Responses to “Ahmadinejad
The Brazenly Provocative,
Astonishingly Uneducated,

  1. Maurice Says:

    Jock, You should send a copy to the students union at Columbia. Those gullible youngsters who were exposed to his dangerous bullshit need to learn the facts from you

    Kol hakavod

    Maurice Israel

  2. Moishe Yas Says:


    It is my contention, since Ahmadinejad appeared at Colombia, that his visit did more harm to his image and his cause. You are obviously right that this mamzer is both ignorant and uneducated, yet he was a professor at an Iranian university. We can only imagine the kind of students he mentored.

  3. Kristen Klein Says:

    Hah I am actually the only reply to your incredible read?!