Douglas Bloomfield’s Boo-Boo Corrected

July 25, 2009

The Editor
Jerusalem Post


In “Barack Obama, gird thy loins” 24.07.09, Douglas Bloomfield writes: “One of the risks of getting $3billion a year from American taxpayers is you can’t tell your benefactor to just shut up and send more money”.

I regret your erudite contributor has this aspect completely wrong for that is exactly what Egypt, which gets half a billion a year less than Israel, has been doing for years. Egypt invariably votes against the US in the United Nations and has never publicly, nor I imagine privately, been intimidated for doing so. Netanyahu should have stood up to Obama’s building restrictions. Nothing would have happened to Israel’s $3billion if he did. The US appreciates that other nations too have interests to look after. Besides which they need to support their militatry industry and this is the ruse used by a nation with a capitalist philosophy.


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