How UNWRA Perpetuates
Arab Refugee Status

January 16, 2005. Updated May 16, 2006

When in 1947 the UN decreed the partition of the Promised Land into an Arab and Jewish State, Israel accepted and declared its renewed sovereignty. The Arab inhabitants did not take up the UN offer. Islamic racists, they wanted it all – without Jews.

When the British departed in 1948, Arab armies from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, which had assembled in preparation for that day, invaded to wipe out the nascent Jewish State before it could get going. Much to their disappointment, surprise and chagrin they were defeated by Israel’s untrained and poorly armed rag-tag defenders courageously fighting for their very existence.

The Arab League insisted that the Arab refugees in the neighboring Arab states be herded into refugee ghettoes, not to be absorbed by the countries to which they fled. Only Jordan permitted their integration. The Arab League successfully pressured the UN to support the refugees – to provide for all their needs. The saga of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, UNWRA, had begun.

UNWRA’S Role In Perpetuating The Refugees

Permanent life in the refugee towns and villages is funded by UNWRA to care for the Arab refugees, seemingly forever.

Not because the original refugees live forever, but because their progeny inherit their “coveted” refugee status. This by the UN’s simple wizardry of defining the children born outside so-called Palestine, also as refugees. Because of UNWRA’s charity these children will probably never work their whole lives through.

But that’s not all. Little known is the fact that refugees living in Gaza and the West Bank too, are cared for by UNWRA, courtesy of the donor nations of the UN! Refugees in their own land – there’s a thing.

Their children, for no one knows how many generations, will continue to claim refugee benefits courtesy of the Islamic UN vote. They too will be refugees for all generations, from a “Palestine” they never knew. Because when you have a huge voting bloc of 56 Islamic nations at the UN, there’s no knowing what absurdities can be perpetrated – at others’ expense.

This unique definition is what accounts for the fact that 650,000 voluntary refugees in 1948, has blossomed into a registration of 4.1 million by December 2003, according to UNWRA’s 2004 Report.

Palestinians Live On Charity Of The Nations

Of the 4.1ml, 1.1million are in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. UNWRA has housed, fed, clothed and educated them for the last 57 years. Paid for by the donor nations of the world. The meanest donors to the Palestinian cause, you may be surprised to learn, are the Arab nations. (See evidence in the Annexure below.)

Refugees in their host Arab countries have not received citizenship rights even though they may have lived there for 57 years. Jordan is the only Arab country where the refugees were accepted into the general population.

Nothing was more natural. Were they not, after all, joining their brothers, speaking the same language, sharing the same culture, having the same history, bowing to the same God?

Jordan indeed, is a “Palestinian” state in all but name. “Palestinians” make up 70% of their population. Why then must the Johnny-come-lately-West Bankers have another “Palestinian” state abutting the same Jordan River? [Yet the United Nations have not made it possible for a truly ancient nation like the 20 million Kurds of the Middle East to have a state of their own.]

How soul destroying it must be to be forced to live on the charity of the nations for 57 years – and counting. It certainly makes nonsense of conventional wisdom that it is better to teach a person to fish than to feed him with a fish someone else has caught. This simple philosophy however, is anathema to UNWRA.

Why Did The Arabs Flee In 1948?

The overwhelming number of Arabs heeded urging of Arab leaders to get out of harm’s way for a short while, to allow their brothers – the armies of the neighboring Arab states – to wipe out the Jews of the new State.

Understandably and confidently, the Arab states believed the small 650,000 Jewish community would quickly be overcome by their 5 well organized and equipped neighboring armies. Plus units from Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Plus a local militia of several thousand armed “Palestinians”. All saw Israel as an asset-rich prize, which would be defeated in a walkover.

The Arabs fled with high hopes buoyed by the promise they would soon be returned after the Jews had been slaughtered or driven into the sea. All would be the richer for Jewish wealth, infrastructure, homes and personal booty.

In his ‘Recollections’ [Page 83, Covenant Communications Corp 1970, Geneva.] David Ben-Gurion briefly and lucidly recalls why the Arabs fled:

“. . . in 1948 it was the Arab powers and not the Jews who exhorted the local Moslem population to leave their homes and their land. We asked them to stay and help us build a modern country. Those who left did so far more in fear of Arab threats of reprisal against ‘disloyalty’ than of their Jewish neighbors. In confidence they emigrated across the frontiers to the Arab nations which had demanded they come. They ended up in the foul conditions we know of.”

Why Did The British Want The Arabs To Win?

Incredible as it must have sounded so shortly after the genocide of the Jews of Europe, the publicly announced aim of the Arab armies was the genocide of the 650,000 Jews of Israel. No country cried “stop!” None came to its aid.

On the contrary the supply of military equipment to Israel was embargoed. Moreover there was clear evidence that Britain left much of their military equipment and ammunitions to help the Arab cause.

What made the British prefer to see the Arabs win, knowing the Arab war plan was Jewish extermination?

Regrettably, whatever it was then still persists today. Anti-Jewish bias is pervasively evident in Britain today as ever it was. The BBC with its immense power to influence people keeps smearing Jews, Zionism and Israel – interchangeably – without pretense of balance or objectivity.

Britain’s abandonment of its UN Mandate represented the first step in its loss of Empire.


• 55 of the 192 UN nations contributed, Including the EU nations which contributed as a bloc.

• Only 12 Arab of the 22 nations in the Arab League contributed. A total of $16,329,961.

• No Arab nation is included among the 7 top givers contributing over $10 million each.

• The Grand Total for 2003 was $438,140,969.

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