Ben Wedeman’s Biased
CNN Documentaries

April 26, 2001

CNN’s anti-Israel bias is something else. Two or three minutes of prime time advertising on CNN costs a fortune. No one can afford it. That’s why advertisers generally make do with 15 second clips. 30 seconds if they really have the money.

Yet CNN gave their correspondent, Ben Wedeman, two or three minutes to do a hatchet job on Israel in their noontime news presentation here, April 24. Ben is a truly experienced TV professional and he did a truly professional job of grinding Israel’s image into the dust as he expounded on the inhuman conditions suffered by Palestinians wanting to travel outside Gaza into Israel.

CNN gave him another 1-2 minutes in its 23.00hrs news service to return to this subject, possibly to use up the remaining material from his earlier story.

The inconvenience of the delays resulting from careful searching by Israel trying to reduce the number of drive-by murders is truly heartbreaking. That’s Wedeman’s view – an attitude clearly shared by his employers.

Wedeman shows the world how cruel it is for Israeli soldiers to delay the movement of taxis, cars and trucks, while trying to prevent Palestinian car bombers from going about their murderous missions.

How frustrated the Palestinians are to be held up by those snotnosed Israelis looking for weapons and ammo needed by Palestinian killers to carry out their daily murder and mayhem.

How time wasting and exhausting to wait in line while those arrogant Israelis vainly search for the next suicide bomber.

How impatient and angry they are to be prevented from reaching their destinations as Israel carefully checks for wanted terrorists.

But what can CNN viewers expect from those inhuman Israelis who don’t have any respect for the downtrodden, peaceful, law-abiding Palestinians?

That’s the message, unabashedly devised and created by Wedeman in his pro-Palestinian documentaries. Given prime time airing by his masters in their news services (no less) to CNN’s world audience.

How many viewers know that making a documentary (as distinct from broadcasting live) gave Wedeman the ability to select which items would go into his final presentation, and which would not?

That it also gave him the opportunity to choose his words with extra care, and to practice his commentary just right. So that his anti-Israel bias, and views of the angriest, most vocal Palestinians, would be screened to best effect? You can be certain that any others were deleted in favor of showing how furious, justified and revengeful the oppressed Palestinians are.

No hint of any kind that Palestinians might be responsible for, or in any way deserving of, Israel’s closures and costly seek and prevention measures.

That Israel is willing if not anxious to permit Palestinians to go about their business if they would only stop initiating their daily violence.

No. For both Wedeman and the Palestinians share the same view. That the latter have the right to carry out terrorism against the Israelis. That’s only to be expected and human.

But Israelis, naturally, have no right to prevent, deter or respond. That, CNN viewers are taught, is inhuman.

Hey, be sure to email me if you ever come across a pro-Israel CNN documentary from Wedeman, will you? I wouldn’t want to miss it.

One Response to “Ben Wedeman’s Biased
CNN Documentaries”

  1. Esme Says:

    Would those innocent Palestinian families be the same ones hiding and assisting Hamas killers, or would it be the ones indoctrinating their school children with hatred of Jews and that Israel has no right to exist, but either way you are right about one thing, babies will die as Palestinian terror rockets will fly, as their daily course of action and terrorism against Israel continues they themselves grant the Israelis the undeniable right of self defense and retaliation and until the Palestinian learn to value and love their children more than the misery they create and their intelligence level escalates to the heights of their daily terror and rocket attacks on Israel, Israelis righteous but heavily restrained retaliation will and must continue as it is not just a right but a duty that must be upheld.

    Your definition of peace is defined by the continued attempts of the nations of islam at annihilation and and attempt at genocide of the Jewish State of Israel, an ideology no longer acceptable to the Jewish people or the free world and when forced to choose between the tragic loss of either of your children Israel has the G-d given right and duty to protect theirs even at a great cost of yours.