The Arab Refugees. Who was Responsible?
What is their Responsibility?

February 3rd, 2008

(All emphasis by the writer.)

The 1948 Arab War Aim

The pan-Arab armies of 1948 (Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen) promised a genocidal war which would quickly be over. They would massacre the Jews, then the brothers would return and help themselves to all the Jewish assets and wealth. What a glorious victory it would have been for Islam over the Jewish infidels! What joy, what riches, what honor!

The Arabs have never denied their war aim. They have never rescinded it. For 60 years their Imams have religiously indoctrinated their young and old with a death wish that can only be satisfied by bloody Jewish annihilation. This doctrine is still taught with hatred and contempt every day in the refugee camps where these unfortunates have lived in squalor. Except for Jordan they not been permitted to work, refused civic rights and denied all opportunities for a normal life.

Arab sources claim that the Israel military chased many of its residents out of their villages. A small number were surely evacuated – for very good reason. Something Israel has nothing to be ashamed of, especially when these minor numbers are contrasted with the Arab’s ideological war aim of total Jewish slaughter. Here’s undeniable evidence:

From the New York Times, May 16, 1948

>>‘On the day that Israel declared its independence, Azzam Pasha, Secretary General of the Arab League, at Cairo press conference declared “jihad”, a holy war. He said that the Arab states rejected partition and would set up a “United State of Palestine.” Pasha added:

>>“This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades”.’

Here is another vicious quotation from the chief local Arab leader of the time who exhorted the genocidal Arab war aim.

From ‘O Jerusalem’ by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, p 400:

>>Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, had been one of Hitler’s most enthusiastic collaborators. He had called his followers to a Jihad against the Jews in a 1943 broadcast from Radio Berlin during the height of the Holocaust: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them, this is pleasing to Allah.”

>>“Later al-Husseini declared that the Arab goal was “the elimination of the Jewish state.” “I declare a holy war, my Muslim brothers! Murder the Jews, murder them all”.

The so called “Right of Return”

The unabashed war aim of the pan-Arab invasion, clearly encouraged by the local Arab population, was total extermination of the Jews. To think that the Palestinians and their brother nations believe Israel will accept the return of such so-called “refugees” is bizarre.

• First because 90 percent or more of the “refugees” alive today never even lived in Palestine!

• Second because the overwhelming majority had voluntarily evacuated themselves based on the insistent urging of their leaders to get out while their armies made good on their war aim.

• Third, they feared punishment as renegades or collaborators if they did not obey the call of their leaders to get out and permit the Arab soldiers to bulldoze their way in and make short shrift of the Jews.

• Fourth, they did not want to be in a war zone where combatants were fighting and killing each other.

Thus it was that the majority of “refugees” fled voluntarily. They believed the promise of a short, bloody war and all the Jewish treasure that would become theirs when they returned. They have as little “right of return” as the Jewish refugees of the time have, to return to the Arab states which forced them out. These Jews however, do have a right to compensation because they never fled voluntarily. Moreover they never wanted to exterminate their hosts nor obliterate their states from the world map.

The so called “Right of Compensation”

Not only do the Arab states and their “refugees” propagate the so called “right of return”, they also want compensation from Israel. For what? For sending in their troops and killing 6,000 Jews? For failing to achieve their genocidal war aim? Why world leaders want Israel to negotiate Arab demands for compensation is truly difficult to figure.

Do these world leaders perhaps think that the 6,000 (one percent) of the Jewish population killed in Israel’s War of Independence was not that much of a loss as wars go? If so these worthies should reflect on the fact that one percent of the US population in 1948 would have amounted to no less than 1,480,000 dead! The US has not lost even close to that number in all its wars. Moreover the US felt fully justified going to war following the horrible murder of 3,000 innocent New Yorkers in 9/11.

Outnumbered, out gunned and out-militarized, the small Jewish community of 1948 fought back bravely and courageously for their new State. They did so successfully. To the chagrin of their enemies and the surprise of the world, the brand new state of Israel denied the Arabs their fanatical death wish for a genocidal victory worthy of the Mongols.

Is the winner then expected to compensate the loser for being robbed of his opportunity to vent his killing lust and forfeiting all that loot? Surely that is too ridiculous for words?

Who Bears Responsibility?

The following statements from top Arab leaders highlight the Arab responsibility for the refugees:

Said Emile Ghoury, Secretary of the Palestinian Arab Higher Committee, in an interview with the Beirut Telegraph, September 6, 1948:

>“The fact that there are these refugees is the direct consequence of the act of the Arab states in opposing partition and the Jewish state. The Arab states agreed upon this policy unanimously and they must share in the solution of the problem.”

As Khaled Al-Azm, Syrian Prime Minister wrote in his ‘Memoirs’ [Arabic), 3 vols. (AI-Dar al Muttahida Id-Nashr, 1972), vol. 1, pp. 386-87):

>“. . . among the reasons for the Arab failure in 1948 was “the call by the Arab Governments to the inhabitants of Palestine to evacuate it and to leave for the bordering Arab countries, after having sown terror among them…”

>“Since 1948 we have been demanding the return of the refugees to their homes. But we ourselves are the ones who encouraged them to leave…We have brought destruction upon a million Arab refugees, by calling upon them and pleading with them to leave their land, their homes, their work and business… .”

Ethnic Cleansing?

A particularly well researched and compelling essay dealing with so called ethnic cleansing allegations has been written by Doctoral student Seth Frantzman of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. It will enlighten readers who are concerned to know the facts which impelled such counter activity in the pre-state period.

This authoritative essay appeared as a guest op-ed in the Jerusalem Post August 17, 2007, titled “Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine?” Here is a cause and effect extract:

>”Sixty-two Jews were murdered by Arabs in the first week after the UN partition plan was passed, and by May 15, 1948, a total of 1,256 Jews had been killed, most of them civilians. These deaths were caused by Arab militias, gangs, terrorists and army units who attacked every place of Jewish inhabitation in Palestine.”

>”Even before the first Arab villages were captured in April, 924 Jews had already been killed,” and Frantzman adds. …” the ceaseless attacks against all isolated Jewish settlements only gave Zionist commanders every reason to see neighboring Arab villages as threatening and to act accordingly.”

The number of Arabs moved out of the militarized villages is small and disputed. What is not arguable however, is that none of these Arab was killed or drowned in the Mediterranean after the battles were over. Unlike the fate that awaited the Jews had the Arabs triumphed, Israel never contemplated massacre nor genocide. Indeed there would have been no “refugees” at all, as Abba Eban said tellingly in a speech to the United Nations:

>“Had the Palestinians and the Arab states not attacked Israel and attempted to destroy it, there would not have been a single Palestinian refugee.”

Having convinced the world it owes them and their “refugees” a living, the Palestinians annually commemorate their Naqba (catastrophe) with triumphant mass marches, waving hate banners and heroically firing their guns skyward. Naqba Day keeps the memory of their 1948 catastrophe alive. To remind Israel and the world they have not lost their murderous desire for Jewish annihilation and Israel’s obliteration (total victory).

For Israel to welcome and/or compensate these murder-bent enemies is brainless.

What is there about Israel’s refusal to negotiate its suicide that the civilized world does not understand?

That even our friends President Bush and Secretary Rice appear not to appreciate?

It might be argued that the Arabs would never have carried out a massacre of some 650.000 Jews living in Palestine 1948. However, the Jews of that day knew very well from the Turkish genocide of 1,500,000 Christian Armenians that this would certaily have happened had the Arab armies which arrived on the scene to help their brothers would have been deighted to indulge inthe killing, raping and looting Jewish property

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If you mean it (The Jewish State) flaunt it

December 24th, 2007

November 20, 2007

The Editor Jerusalem Post
Text 189 words


If you mean it (The Jewish State) flaunt it

The reason for Prime Minister Olmert’s recent insistence that the Palestinian Authority must recognize Israel as the Jewish State sounds somewhat strange.

One would have thought this was obvious since Ben Gurion and the signers of Israel’s Declaration of Independence (May 14, 1948) made this unambiguously clear, both in the preamble and in Israel’s founding charter.

The fact that Mr. Olmert has found it necessary to insist on this aspect in the run up to Annapolis reminds us (correctly) that the Arabs (Israeli Arabs included) have never accepted the unbreakable bond of Jewish citizens to Israel. Evidence of this can be found in the frequent speeches by Arab Knesset members who, on every possible occasion, repeat their preferred mantra, that “Israel is a democracy for all its peoples”.

Israel cannot possibly accept this insidious variation. We must continue to make it clear to the world that we live in Israel, The Jewish State. A good start would be to apply the full signage on all government buildings, embassies, consulates postage stamps, passports, stationery, legal documents, and all official communications. Let’s not forget the Knesset itself.

The sooner the better.

Jock L. Falkson

300 Homa Houses
Drive Palestinians Bonkers

December 24th, 2007

The Editor

The Jerusalem Post


Israel’s decision to build another 300 homes in Homa seems to be driving the Palestinians bonkers. Evidence that when you lose your temper you stop thinking clearly.

Look at it this way: Peace talks between the sides are to be held to agree a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. One of the many matters at stake is Homa.

Palestinians claim Homa as their territory. So do we. Obviously the winner gets all. So why do the Palestinians argue about 300 new homes? Surely they prefer to win a bigger than smaller Homa?

If they lose, what does it really matter if they lose the 300 newly built homes too?

I say build. Israel’s claim on Jerusalem is eons longer and stronger. Moreover, Homa is a fully integrated suburb of Jerusalem.


The Brazenly Provocative,
Astonishingly Uneducated,

November 3rd, 2007

October 29, 2007

I acknowledge my title to the sharp rebuke of Columbia’s President Lee Bollinger who, in his introductory remarks said the Iranian leader was “either brazenly provocative or astonishingly uneducated.”

I believe Bollinger was correct except for his “either or”. Surely Ahmadinejad is both “brazenly provocative” and “astonishingly uneducated”?

“We don’t have homosexuals”

Take Ahmadinejad’s absurd assertion that there are no homosexuals in Iran. “In Iran,” he said, “we don’t have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that in our country. In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon.” This breathtaking lie got a spontaneous and well deserved horse laugh from his audience.

Wiping Israel Off the Map

The Iranian president was careful to neither confirm nor deny his threat to obliterate Israel. However, he is undeniably on record on many occasions in past months, as evidenced by a Google search for “Ahmadinejad + Wipe Israel off the map”. 206 References were immediately offered.

Denying the Holocaust

Ahmadinejad brazenly lied about not disputing the holocaust, claiming that he merely called for further research on the subject. The fact is that he has been widely reported by credible sources as having categorically denied the Holocaust. Google provides no less than 825 references for a search on “Ahmadinejad Holocaust Denial”!

“It happened in Europe”

In questioning the reality of the Holocaust Ahmadinejad ingenuously argues that the Palestinians shouldn’t be paying the price for Israel’s creation. “After all”, he says, “it happened in Europe.”

“It”, of course, is the Holocaust. So in his Columbia appearance and possibly in an unguarded moment, Ahmadinejad says it did happen! Bollinger was right on the nail describing him as provocative and uneducated. He might have added that he was also something of a hypocrite.

Provocative and Uneducated

Do we need more evidence of this man’s dishonesty; his provocative and astonishingly uneducated pronouncements? Ahmadinejad provided more by way of this propaganda gambit:

“… Why is it” he asked, “that the Palestinians should pay a price, innocent Palestinians? For 5 million people [a mythical number from someone who describes himself as addicted to the scientific method] to remain displaced or refugees of war for 60 years — is this not a crime?”

“Palestinian” refugees in 1948?

Excuse me, but they never described themselves as Palestinians at that time. Until 1948 the Arabs in this area had generally referred to themselves as Southern Syrians. They only latched onto Palestinian nationality after 1964, when the Palestine Liberation Organization was established. Its purpose was to lay claim to an ancient identity.

Innocent “Palestinians”?

To call them “innocent Palestinians” is simply untrue. These so called “Innocent” Arabs had been terrorizing Jewish civilians well before Israel was founded. And never ceased to terrorize us afterwards. Their record from as early as 1921 includes this testimony of murder and mayhem:

In 1921, Arabs killed 47 Jews and wounding many more in bloody riots they initiated.

In 1929 they massacred 70 Jews in riots in Hebron, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Haifa. Hundreds more were wounded.

From 1936 to 1939, the “Arab Revolt” was motivated by their leader Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem. The Arabs murdered hundreds of Jews during these three years of violence. And wounded many hundreds more.

In 1941 the Mufti traveled to Germany where he met frequently with Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders. He persuaded the Germans that he would carry out their anti-Jewish program in Palestine using Hitler’s methods. Hitler happily agreed to support the Mufti and the Arabs to destroy Jews in Israel and those in other Arab lands.

Immediately after passage of the UN Resolution recognizing the Jewish State (November 1947) local Arab militias commenced a sustained jihad against the civilian Jewish communities. British army and police provided no protection.

The Guilty “Palestinians”

Ahmadinejad holds Israel responsible for the plight of the “innocent Palestinians” who had to pay the price of their 60 year refugee status. And “was this not a crime” he asked? Here Ahmadinejad provides additional evidence of his ignorance. Because the Arab refugees paid a price for one reason only: they were not innocent. They had been clearly guilty . . .

Guilty because they never accepted the statehood offered by the Peel Commission in 1937.

Guilty because they refused to accept the two state solution proposed by the United Nations in 1948. Israel accepted. But the Arabs weren’t satisfied with their greater share of the land – they wanted it all. They opted for war and lost it, deservedly.

Guilty because they were complicit in motivating the armies of the Arab League to attack and drive the Jews into the sea. Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq immediately contributed substantial forces. (Saudi Arabia and Yemen sent small contingents.)

Guilty because they took the advice of the Arab League leaders who urged them to get out of the way of their advancing armies. Others fled the war zones as do most refugees, simply because they feared for their lives.

Guilty of fleeing while the heavily outnumbered, outgunned and unprotected Jews stood their ground. And fought obstinately and desperately for their lives, families, homes and their newly founded Jewish State.

Guilty of not asking Egypt and Jordan for their state during the 19 years these Arab states occupied Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem (1948-1967). It could have been their’s for the asking!

Guilty of preaching and teaching genocidal anti-Jewish hate to their children and grandchildren. In every mosque and madrassah.

Guilty of promising themselves and their progeny a killing and looting spree that would put the Mongol hordes to shame. And to please Allah.

Guilty of believing that those who have made themselves Israel’s irreconcilable enemy have any right at all to a compensated return to their so called “homeland”.

Another Jewish Holocaust?

Ahmadinejad tells how he thinks of himself as an intellectual academic who takes care to research the other side before reaching his conclusions. If only he had the courage of his convictions!

Even if he was unable to change his mindset, at least he might have learned that Israel had a case. He might have understood that we cannot and will not allow the bloodthirsty, genocidal Palestinians to invade us and initiate a second Jewish holocaust. Within living memory of the German one!

I serenely believe the President of Iran will be prevented from obliterating Israel (to please Allah) with nuclear or chemical technology. As to who will do the preventing I prefer not to opine.

The Fireman And The Arsonist.
And how they got mixed up

July 9th, 2007

Revised July 9, 2007
First issued December 25, 2002

It boggles the mind how sensible people who ordinarily understand right from wrong, seem to be so misguided when it comes to judging Israel’s right of defense against the Palestinians’ “right” to kill us – in their crimes against humanity.

Israel’s position can be likened to that of a Fire Department whose firemen are dispatched to put out fires set by arsonists. If it weren’t for the arsonists (read Palestinian terrorists) there’d be no need to dispatch the firemen (read Israel Defense Forces) to put out the fires. In this analogy no one will be confused about the respective roles of the arsonists and the firemen.

Turning truth inside out

Yet Palestinians have successfully sold a contrary PR bill of goods to many nations, including the Europeans. The anti-Semitism of the peoples of Europe, it seems, is so inbred, that they are ready to believe the worst of Jews.

(Examples that come to mind are the pogroms incited by [cheek-turning] Russian priests every Easter, to exact revenge on the Jews of Minsk, Pinsk or Smolensk for killing Christ? Or the plagues allegedly started by Jews in the Middle Ages? Or our nonsensical need for Christian blood to bake matzos? Or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion forgery? Or our communism? Our capitalism? Or Hitler’s solution to his “Jewish Question”?) Or what have you.

The fatal “crime” of provocation

Our provocations, it is claimed, have led understandably to Palestinian suicide bombings in buses, restaurants and shopping malls. And random drive-by shooting, sniping, ambushes and car bombing. And occasional lynching. We bring all these punishments on ourselves, so we are told.

Even today European and generic Israel-haters elsewhere are content to believe every Israeli response is a provocation which justifies more Palestinian terrorist revenge.

They counsel that by putting out the fires and going after the arsonists to prevent them setting new conflagrations, Israel only makes matters worse. That’s why Palestinians are justified on starting new fires in revenge.

The plain truth is turned on its head, with Israeli firemen being blamed for Arab arson. What a world.

No cure for recidivist killers

Palestinian terrorists are serial killers. Basking in the adulation of the Arab street after killing their first Israelis – and getting away with it – recent history shows that terrorists do not stop killing until arrested or are killed by security forces.

In contrast to the Palestinians’ apparent right to feel provoked, Israel haters share a consensus that Israel has no such right. Not even the right of self defense.

Do they expect us to lie down, family by family, to await the “friendly fate” the Palestinians have in store for us? How absurd! Why would anyone think that Jews, in their own sovereign state, would be so stupid as not to defend themselves?

Israel’s position has been clear and consistent. We would much rather suffer the slings and arrows of hatred, bad mouthing and boycotts – resulting from our fire-fighting defense actions – rather than run out of cemeteries to bury our dead.

Intellectual poverty

Israel is persuaded – in her own interests – not to put out the fires. Not to arrest the arsonists. Not to take out terrorist leaders and planners. Not to fight back against those who attack us with deadly weapons. Not to take preventive measures to frustrate those plotting new, bigger, terrorist operations.

If only Israel heeded their advice the fires would eventually burn out and the arsonists would no longer start up new fires. What rubbish!

Serial killers – serious consequences

Would any civilized country apply the same “reasoning” to murderers in their own country, and the police who hunt them down? Especially serial murderers – those with whom Israel must daily contend?

Surely we all recall how the US recently mobilized thousands of its mighty security apparatus to find just two serial killers, John Lee Malvo and John Muhammed. They had shot at 14 or more persons, killing at least 6 in Montgomery County. Looking back, it is entirely likely these were the first two Muslim killers in the US to activate random Muslim terrorism. However, there was no way to recognize this at the time it happened.

9/11 revisited

In killing 3000 Americans and reducing the World Trade Center to rubble, the US was brought face to face with the cruel, murderous face of terrorist Islam. Their handiwork clearly visible, the US recognized the enemy and immediately declared war on world terrorism.

Thinking about 9/11 a terrible thought crossed my mind. Suppose the passengers on board one of these aircraft had also resisted the terrorists at the last moment – as did those in the plane which crashed into a Pennsylvanian field.

Suppose in the ensuing panic aboard the plane it had veered off course for a few seconds – and crashed into the United Nations building instead?

Would the European Union and so many other nations still be such good friends of Palestinian terrorism, had their top diplomats, officials and their visitors been vaporized by the 19 Saudi terrorists?

Must it actually happen in order for them to understand Israel’s reality? {} {} {}

Israel An Apartheid State?
The Greatest Lie Ever Told

June 22nd, 2007

Updated 22 June 2007

Underpinned by Race and Color

Apartheid in South Africa was based on race and color. It was the whites (the “Europeans”) versus the “non-Europeans” (Blacks, Coloreds [mixed race], Indians, Malays and Chinese). All suffered from the legalized deprivation decreed by a South African government determined to impose white domination on the rest.

The philosophy of apartheid was encapsulated in the slogan of the ruling National Party which came into power in 1948. (The same year Israel won its independence by beating back six Arab armies bent on wiping out the newly proclaimed Jewish State.)

“Die kafir op sy plek en die koolie uit die land” (“The kafir (indigenous blacks) in his place and the koolie (Indian) out of the country.”) summed up the racist political ideology of the new government. Needless to say, ‘kafir’ and ‘koolie’ were derogatory appellations. Despite the Palestinians’ apartheid allegation the truth is that Israel never practiced this racist ideology.

No Color or Racial Apartheid in Israel

Our apartheid accusers must not continue to ignore the fact that Israel has absorbed (at huge cost) some 70,000 Ethiopian Jews and plans to absorb 30,000 more. Circassian, Druze, Kurds, Armenians, Bedouin and other non-Jews enjoy full citizen privileges and equal rights. Many Druze and Bedouin Arabs serve in Israel’s army.

The Muslim and Arab world is notorious for its apartheid oppression and discrimination of its females. Well over half a billion Muslim females, as one critic put it, “are treated worse than they treat their animals”. Because Sharia law and Muslim culture are still embedded in the 7th century, only this is the 21st.

Muslim females are the possessions of their masters. Their bodies are not their own. They have no rights, no freedoms and no equality before the law. Shouldn’t female freedom from indoctrinated Muslim discrimination top the list of anti-apartheid agitation of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other do-gooders?

Boat People and Foreign Workers

Some years ago a small shipload of Vietnamese refugees sought asylum in Israel. Then Prime Minister Begin didn’t hesitate; he issued immediate instructions to accept them. They have since become full citizens. No Arab country took in a single boatload of the Vietnamese.

Israel has also granted permanent residence and full citizen rights to a large number of illegal foreign workers and their families from the Philippines, Thailand, Columbia, Nigeria, Mauritius, Romania and Turkestan. (Note well: not one was forced or required to convert to Judaism!)

Nature of the Big Lie

There is not the slightest resemblance of South African apartheid in democratic Israel. If ever a lie has been deliberately repeated and magnified to damage Israel, this is probably the prime example of modern times. For as Israel’s enemies have so well learned from the Nazis, nothing is as effective as a big lie incessantly repeated.

Apartheid Practices Foreign to Israel

The apartheid lie foisted on Israel is one of several concocted by Palestinians to publicize their cause. Newspaper readers and TV viewers are apparently willingly to be led by the nose. Nevertheless, the facts belie the accusation. Anti-Semitic proponents of the apartheid allegation are unable to provide evidence of even one South African apartheid practice, which applies to Israel. Not one.

The following 16 refutations clearly expose the big lie of Israeli apartheid.

1. Blacks, Coloreds, Indians, Malays and Chinese were legally classified as “Non-Europeans” and did not have the vote in apartheid South Africa. Neither in Municipal, Provincial nor Government elections.

Fact is that all Israel’s Arab citizens, some 20% or more of the population, have enjoyed equal voting rights from day one. Eleven Arabs presently sit in Israel’s Knesset. Three are Deputy Speakers. Israel’s permanent minorities all vote in Israel’s elections.

2. Non-Europeans exclusively had to carry a “Pass Book”. Employers had to sign the pass books monthly. Pass book infringements by blacks led to jail sentences and often to deportation to the black homelands. (Identity books of a quite different type were introduced for Europeans about 1976.)

Fact is that all citizens and legal residents of Israel carry a simple identity card as required by law. None of the additional nonsense applies.

3. Job Reservation laws kept non-Whites from a wide range of jobs.

Fact is no discrimination of this kind has ever existed in Israel’s democratic Jewish State.

4. There was free education for whites till matriculation. Not so for blacks whose educational prowess was strictly limited by an oppressive Bantu Education Act.

Fact is all school going children in Israel are entitled to publicly subsidized education till matriculation. There are no racial or color distinctions.

5. Only one university was established for Blacks in South Africa, at Fort Hare.

Fact is in addition to the several Arab universities which Israel established in predominantly Arab areas after 1967, Arab students may and do study in all Israel universities.

6. Black-white sex was a serious jail time crime. Sex detectives were even employed to catch offending parties in flagrante delicto.

Fact is you have to be joking to talk of legally imposed sex apartheid in freedom loving Israel.

7. Hospitals were largely segregated or had segregated wards. White hospitals were on a par with any in the western world. Black hospitals were under-funded, under-staffed, and few. Ambulances were also segregated. A ‘white’ ambulance could not take a black person to hospital.

Fact is medical benefits, treatments and hospitals are not segregated in any way. All citizens benefit equally from government subsidized medical services. Non-Jews are and can be members of all the major Medical Service Organizations.

8. Non-Europeans “could not be employed in any of the skilled trades; they cannot become engineers, accountants or pharmacists. . .. The Civil Service is closed to non-Europeans, as are also the technical colleges and most of the universities. They may not use the libraries, cinemas, public transport, public conveniences, post offices . . ..” [From Prof. Deborah Posel’s THE MAKING OF APARTHEID.]

Fact is Arabs can do everything in Israel which non-Europeans in South Africa could not.

9. For many decades blacks had to observe a 9 p.m. curfew or face arrest, jail sentences and deportation.

Fact is such interference in private lives is absolutely unheard of in democratic Israel.

10. No mixed sport was allowed – by law.

Fact is no such law ever existed in sport mad Israel.

11. Parks and recreational areas provided benches for people to rest. Benches were painted with “Europeans Only” signs. I never saw a bench marked for non-Europeans nor a park.

Fact is such strictures are unimaginable in democratic Israel.

12. Blacks were not permitted to use the main entrance of buildings. They had to use the “tradesmen’s” entrance at back.

Fact is such nonsense has never been contemplated in democratic Israel.

13. Blacks received about half the State pension allocated to whites. They were forbidden membership in trade unions (until the 1980s). Strikes were banned and strikers severely repressed.

Fact is state pensions in Israel are allocated equally to all citizens. Arabs benefit fully from monthly child allowances to parents of large families. Because of polygamy Arabs have the largest families.

14. Public beaches, swimming pools, transport, libraries and cinemas were racially segregated. Even so there were practically no pools or libraries for blacks.

Fact is there never was such racial segregation in the Jewish State.

15. Blacks were not permitted to buy, nor to imbibe, alcoholic drinks. Nor to dine in white restaurants.

Fact is prohibition was never contemplated in Israel. And anyone may eat in any restaurant.

16. Palestinians dishonestly imply that Israel’s “separation wall” was built to oppress them.

Fact is the world knows full well Israel decided to build this costly anti-terrorist barrier to keep Palestinian suicide bombers from entering Israel and killing and maiming our people. Thankfully the barrier has successfully achieved this life or death objective.

Fact is that contrary to Arab allegations, the barrier is more fence than wall. Indeed it is indisputably not more than 5 per cent wall – the rest will be a wire fence.

Fact is that no delay or inconvenience at crossing points – about which Palestinians unceasingly complain – can take priority over the necessity of preventing the death of more innocent Israeli civilians and the trauma of their families for whom the quality of life will never be the same.

Anti-Semites naively argue that Israeli “apartheid” causes Palestinian hardship. So what? Would any one of these vehement debaters be prepared to risk his or her life as a result of Israel lowering its guard? No? Well don’t expect me to stand in for them.

Anti-Semitic friends of Palestinian terrorists (Brits and others) had better internalize the fact that we have not re-established the Jewish State in our historic homeland, to provide endless human sacrifices to satisfy primitive Arab rites and tempting heavenly pleasures.

Unmitigated Arab Judenrein Apartheid

It takes sheer ignorance or criminal chutzpah to attach the South African apartheid label to democratic Israel. One might think they’re protesting because Israel does not permit Arabs in their midst. The very contrary is true.

It is the Palestinians who do not suffer Jews in their midst. Some unfortunate Jews who strayed or were lured into an Arab city, have been cruelly murdered. To ensure, no doubt, that Israelis do not misinterpret the message of the Palestinian’s pure Judenrein, pure Nazi, pure apartheid way of life.

Why can’t Palestinians Negotiate Directly with Israel?

Only because Palestinian apartheid stands in the way. An embedded apartheid within the minds, hearts and souls of the Palestinians who cannot abide the simple idea of sitting down with Israel in the same room to discuss peace. Never before in the history of the world has such a degree of apartheid existed!

{} {} {}

Non-Jews Too, Went Like Lambs

June 10th, 2007

June 10, 2007

Jews have always felt a sense of shame and chagrin over the fact that their brethren in Europe went to their death, “like lambs to slaughter” during the Holocaust.

Jewish shame however, can only be justified if other national groups, in similar circumstances during World War 2, resisted being herded to their death, where Jews did not.

“In fact non-Jews in similar circumstances also went to their deaths like lambs to slaughter – only in vastly smaller numbers.”

Among the non-Jews were –

• hundreds of thousands of gypsies who were rounded up and transported to German concentration camps

• thousands of homosexuals

• thousands of politicians and other civilians who were regarded as enemies of Germany

• thousands of adults and children with disabilities who were to have no place in the thousand year Reich.

Soldiers, Civilians and Partisans

Large numbers of captured allied soldiers, partisans and civilians were executed by the German army in one atrocity after another. They came from the conquered nations in Europe such as Poland, France, Belgium and Holland.

The citizens of these conquered nations found themselves at the mercy of the merciless Germans who deliberately exacted a vengeful toll when one or more of theirs were killed in many a rebellious episode.

Executed by the Germans for whatever reason, these non-Jews went to their death the same way as our forebears did, like lambs.

Allied Personnel Summarily Executed

On D Day 1944 the allied soldiers of the US, Britain, Canada and Australia invaded Normandy. Though victorious less than a year later, scores of thousands of soldiers were meanwhile captured and rendered defenseless by the Germans. Many of these were summarily executed. None resisted their executioners as far as is known, though there were some lucky escapes.

Soviet Russia in particular lost enormous numbers of troops to the German army, taken captive when its territory was initially overrun. German SS units killed thousands in summary criminal executions. Aside from a handful of escapees all went to their death – like lambs to slaughter.

There are innumerable instances of non-Jewish soldiers and high ranking officers lining up alongside a ditch as commanded, passively and wordlessly awaiting an SS bullet in the back of their heads. Or death by machine gun fire as they just stood there, paralyzed.

Germans did this to non-Jewish captured allied soldiers, airmen, gypsies, homosexuals, disabled adults and children. They massacred Jews, Russians, French, Poles, Dutch, Belgians, Canadians and Americans.

Japanese did it to Chinese, Britons, Australians and Americans. Japanese also used their swords to behead their captives who bowed their heads when instructed.

Their hands may have been shackled, their feet seldom were – why didn’t they kick? Or even spit?

ALL went to their deaths like lambs to slaughter. Very few escaped – by running away or jumping out of a window. The overwhelming majority died like lambs.

Jews no different

Were they in shock? Did they fear pain more than death? Did they feel it was better to die a quick death rather than suffer wounds and probable torture if they tried to escape? We can never know the true reasons why captives did not resist because we cannot second guess the dead. Perhaps the educated guesses or opinions of psychiatrists or psychologists will eventually help us understand.

No professional student of the mind however, will suggest that Jews or non-Jews would have acted differently in the same death-facing circumstances. That idiotic philosophy was based on the so called science of Germany’s master scientist, Adolph Hitler, aided by fellow scientists Goering, Goebbels, Mengele, Streicher, Rosenberg, Himmler and countless other conscienceless criminals.

To accept the Hitlerian diktat as good science would mean accepting that Jews and non-Jews were different species of humans. This mindless nonsense was the basis of Germany’s Aryan belief system. It led to Jews, Slavs, homosexuals, gypsies and others being regarded as “untermenschen” (sub-humans) and became a prime motivation for killing them.

What Accounted For Passivity?

I have been forced to the conclusion that when faced with the cruel and merciless might of their well armed captors, defenseless victims will go to their deaths without a fight. And more often without a murmur. They will undress, line up, kneel and await their turn to be killed. Or enter a gas chamber if so commanded.

This condition applies to any defenseless group of any race or nationality – as the evidence below will make abundantly clear.

We Must Stop The Flagellating

Jews must therefore stop agonizing over the fact that our brethren went to their death like lambs. They were in a no win situation, compelled to obey the orders of their merciless killers. Being slaughtered like lambs was in no way a Jewish condition. Non-Jews who found themselves in a similar plight were similarly massacred by armed men so instructed.

We need to internalize the fact that non-Jews reacted exactly the same way in similar circumstances.

What follows are brief reports of atrocities carried out by various armies on non-Jewish citizenry or captured soldiers during World War 2. Russian and Japanese atrocities are also covered.

Aside from a handful of escapees, captured soldiers were equally passive when cruelly executed in revenge episodes. (At times for no apparent reason.) As were enormous numbers of civilians and partisans in the countries over-run by the victorious Germans bent on mass murder.

The Evidence

A plethora of information is available on the Internet about World War 2 mass murders and executions of non-Jews. For brevity, clarity and organized presentation however, I have preferred to rely on George Duncan’s website of Massacres and Atrocities of World War 2.

If hyperlink is inactive please cut and paste into your browser.

George Duncan’s information is the consequence of his meticulous research. His presentation of the facts is comprehensive yet admirably brief. I earnestly recommend Mr. Duncan’s website. It covers every massacre and atrocity committed in continental Europe, Russia, and the Pacific region during WW2. Note that only a few incidents of the available evidence have been extracted, and these have necessarily been abbreviated:


134 Canadians, 3 British and 1 American Executed

NORMANDY, June, 1944 June 8. SS Panzer Division ‘Hitler Jugend’ took 37 Canadian prisoners. Ordered to sit down in a field with their wounded in the center SS soldiers opened fire killing 35. Near the villages of Authie and Buron, about 40 Canadians were taken prisoner and individually killed. 8 Were ordered to remove their helmets and then shot with automatic rifles. On the 7th and 8th, Panzer Grenadiers killed 20 Canadian prisoners. Locked in a stable, each was called by name and shot in the back of the head. Another 26 Canadians were shot at the Chateau d’Audrie. After the war, investigations established that 31 different incidents involving 134 Canadians, 3 British and 1 American had been killed.

85 British Soldiers Murdered

WORMHOUDT ATROCITY (Pas-de-Calais, May 1940)
Around 100 men of the 2nd Royal Warwickshire Regiment were taken prisoner by the the SS Leibstandarte and confined in a barn near Wormhoudt. Only 15 survived German killing spree.

451 French Civilians Slaughtered

ORADOUR-SUR-GLANE (Central France June 10, 1944) Germans ordered all inhabitants of the village to assemble in the market place. All the men were taken away and shot. 452 Women and children were herded into the church. They were killed by grenades and machine gun fire. Finally the church was set on fire. One old woman escaped.


$60,000 Greeks Massacred KALAVRYTA, So. Greece ( December 13, 1943 ) ‘Kampfgruppe Ebersberger’ Division surrounded the town and killed 696 men by machine gun fire. 1,300 men and boys from Kalavryta and 24 nearby villages were murdered that day. Around 460 villages were completely destroyed and approximately 60,000 men, women and children were massacred during the occupation of Greece.

4750 Italian Prisoners

CEFALONIA Island MASSACRE (September, 1943) The Germans began shooting their Italian prisoners in groups of four to ten. By the time the shooting ended 4,750 Italian soldiers lay dead all over the island.


714 Dutch Civilians

KOMMENO (August 16, 1943) An eight hour massacre by the First Alpenjäger Division killed 680 villagers. Later these German soldiers killed another 34.

476 Georgian Soldiers, 117 Villagers

TEXEL MASSACRE (April 1945) German battalions took revenge on mutinous Georgian soldiers. Four or five were tied together and grenades placed between them. 476 Georgians were killed. The Germans also killed 117 from the village of Texel.

116 Civilians, 263 Prisoners

DE WOESTE HOEVE (March 6, 1945) 116 Men were rounded up and shot dead. In Gestapo prisons all over Holland that day, 263 prisoners were taken out and shot in a reprisal action.


137 Civilians

MALMÉDY, BELGIUM December16, 1944 SS brutally executed Belgian civilians; 67 men, 47 women and 23 children.

60 German Prisoners

CHENOGNE, Belgium January 1, 1945. US 11th Armoured Division machine-gunned and killed 60 captured and defenceless German soldiers.

34 Villagers

BANDE, Belgium Christmas Eve, 1944. German SD soldiers killed 34 villagers, one by one. One escaped.

520 Camp Guards by US Troops

DACHAU April,1945 Dachau Concentration Camp was liberated by US forces on 29th. of April. Prior to entering the camp, the troops had come upon a train of 39 cattle trucks parked outside the camp. The train had come from Auschwitz after a journey of thirty days. They were filled with corpses of 2,310 Hungarian and Polish Jews who had died from hunger and thirst. Enraged Americans rounded up most of the 560 SS guards. After three bursts of raking fire, a total of 122 SS men lay dead or dying. Camp inmates killed the rest. At another site hundreds of German guards were machine gunned to death by US troops. 520 camp and tower guards were killed on that day.

Over 1000 Germans by Czechs

THE POSTBERG ATROCITIES Around the Bavarian village of Postberg on the Bavarian-Czech border, hundreds of German men, women and children were shot during the Czech ‘ethnic cleansing’. In all 763 Germans were murdered. In the town of Aussig, after an explosion the Czechs initiated a blood-bath. Women and children were thrown from the bridge into the river. Germans were shot on the streets. Between 1,000 and 2,500 people were killed in this act of revenge.

Hungarians Massacre 4009 Jews, Serbs, Magyars

YUGOSLAVIA Local partisans killed 17 Hungarian soldiers near Novi Sad on January 23, 1942. The commander of the Hungarian troops, General Ferenc Teketehalmi-Czeydner and his Arrow Cross militia rounded up 550 Jews and 292 Serbians and forced marched them across the frozen river Danube until their weight broke the ice plunging them into the icy waters where they all drowned or shot by Hungarian fascists. Another 2,467 Serbs, 700 Jews and anti-fascist Magyars were massacred.

10,000 Serbs, Jews, Gypsies

The Ustashi commander, General Dragutin Rumler, filed a report stating that so far, around 10,000 Serbs, Jews and Gyspies had been killed. Unspeakable acts of brutality were committed before killing. The worst crime was the murder of children from the Mount Kozara region. In 1941 and 1942 they took the lives of 11,176 children (6,302 boys and 4,874 girls). The average age of these children was 6.5 years. ITALY

Germans Kill 335 Italians

VIA RASELLA (Rome, March 23, 1944) 335 Italians were loaded onto lorries and driven to a network of caves on the Via Ardeatina. The executions then started. Each victim ordered to kneel and was shot in the back of the head a German soldier. By 8pm it was all over. SOVIET UNION

14,500 Polish Officers

KATYN FOREST (Smolensk, 1939-40) In 1939 some 14,500 Polish officers were captured. The next time the world heard of these prisoners was in a news broadcast on April 13, 1943, from Radio Berlin. It stated that the German Army had discovered mass graves at Katyn containing the bodies of Polish officers. Eight graves were opened and 4,253 bodies exhumed. All were dressed in Polish uniforms, with badges of rank and medals intact. Two other camps, at Starobielsk (3,910 men) and at Ostashkov (6,500 men) were wound up and closed in the first days of April, 1940. The officers were never seen alive again. In 1990 the USSR for the first time admitted responsibility.

716 German Soldiers and Others

GRISCHINO MASSACRE (February 18, 1943) 406 German soldiers, (POWs) 58 of the Todt Organization, 89 Italian soldiers, 9 Romanian soldiers, 4 Hungarian soldiers and some civilian workers, Ukrainian volunteers and German nurses totalling 596 souls were killed. 120 Germans were herded into a large storage room and then mowed down with machine guns. The Russians had killed every single German they had found.

10,000 Jailed Prisoners (June 22-29, 1941)

In the Ukraine, around 10,000 Ukrainian and Polish political prisoners were killed in their prisons, the majority by a shot in the neck. (For which the victim is required to stand still.)

9,439 Corpses

THE VINNITSA HORROR By the time the Soviets entered the town, a total of 9,439 corpses had already been counted. All had been individually killed by a German bullet in the neck.

2892 Killed

THE UKRAINIAN MASSACRE (September 2, 1942) Due to partisan activity around the village Kortelisy in the Ukraine, its entire population of 2,892 men, women and children were put to death by SS and SD execution squads helped by local pro-German Ukrainian police. All over Ukraine around 459 villages were destroyed with all or part of their population massacred.

5,000 Shot

DUBNO MASSACRE (October 5, 1942) The town of Dubno in western Ukraine was the scene of a horrifying massacre of Jews. Near the town’s airstrip, the SS and Ukrainian troops herded scores of Jewish men, women and children into three previously dug deep pits, then shooting them to death. For days the grizzly work of the SS continued, killing 1,500 persons daily until over 5,000 helpless victims had been shot. In the pits, the bodies were piled up row upon row and then covered with layers of earth.

Ukrainians Kill 35,000-60,000 Poles

Poles Kill 20,000 Ukrainians

MASSACRES IN VOLHYNIA (February, 1943) The Ukrainian Uprising Army (UPA) started a war of ethnic cleansing. The massacres continued for a year in the rural areas until all Polish residents were either killed or expelled from their homes. The number of Poles murdered is estimated to be 35 to 60 thousand. Some 20,000 Ukrainians were killed by Poles.


Japan’s war in the Pacific was fought by a people bent on becoming the dominant power over all the inhabitants of the many islands scattered across the sea. George Duncan lists 32 episodes of massacres involving hundreds of thousands islanders and including scores of thousands of British, Australian, American, Chinese, Manchurian, Mongolian, Russian, Korean, Dutch and Philippino troops and civilians. Civilians had no choice – they were simply scooped up in Japan’s frenzy of murder and mayhem.

The Japanese practiced cruelty for cruelty’s sake. They force marched and starved their enemies. Their soldiers found satisfaction in bayoneting and beheading. They cut and hacked captives with swords and left many to suffer and die as the blood drained out. They drowned people in shark infested waters. They bred fleas in vast quantities to spread plague and disease. They raped every captured female.

I’m pleased Pres. Truman taught them a lesson in nuclear fission. They deserved it. I wish he was around to have done it to the Germans too. They deserved it a lot more.

Forgive me, I just don’t have the fortitude to rework Duncan’s 32 Japanese atrocities. But I commend you to read as much as you care to, of the information he has so carefully documented.

If hyperlink is inactive please cut and paste into your browser.

Allow me to remind you that large numbers of allied soldiers went to their death like lambs to slaughter. By contrast, virtually all Jews killed by the nazis were civilians.

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Prof. Steven Rose
Should Be Ashamed

May 11th, 2007

First published August 2002

Revised May 11, 2007. (All emphasis, mine.)

“We are Jews, born and raised outside Israel, who, under Israel’s “law of return”, have a legal right to Israeli residence and citizenship. We wish to renounce this unsought “right” because . . .”

A funny thing happened a few days ago when 48 British academics lost their way looking for a good PR idea to excite media interest in their decision to excoriate Israel for defending herself against a barbaric wave of terrorism which has claimed nealy 600 Jewish lives*, and wounded hundreds more. (*Mostly civilian.)

A Low Down PR Trick

They decided to write a letter to The Guardian declaring they would forgo their right as Jews, to become citizens of Israel! What makes this so funny (if not idiotic) is that they had never had any such intention whatever! I mean, does anyone in this wide world (aside from the Guardian!) really care? It was nothing more than a low down public relations trick – in bad taste. A sick joke.

No level headed academic would have stooped so low. It put them on a par with a fool who has no shares in any listed company on the London Stock Exchange threatening not to invest so long as Israeli companies are listed on the LSE.

He then calls a press conference outside the building and hollers his decision into a megaphone for all the world to hear.

The Dispensable Rose

Prof. Rose’s threat is disingenuous. He doesn’t hurt Israel one whit by living in Britain. We have gotten along famously without him and his sorry band. Though Britain perhaps should be worried to learn that they host a group of so called intellectuals capable of such childish antics.

Rose and company chose well to use The Guardian as their megaphone. The Guardian is so steeped in anti-Israel bias that they were unable, I guess, to see the silly side of Prof. Rose’s letter.

Good For A Laugh

Perhaps British Jews were confused by the professional standing of the group. They should have done what comes naturally when this letter appeared. They should have laughed their heads off. For a bad stupid, joke, is still bad and stupid even when declaimed by well educated people.

For Prof. Rose’s announcement to carry any weight at all, he and his co—signatories should have at least been on the aliyah list of the British Zionist Federation. The cancellation of their intention to immigrate would then have been a shock. (Don’t take the trouble to check.)

The Meat Of The Matter

Why has Israel been forced to defend its people against Palestinian barbarism, for the most part specifically targeted against our civilians? Here’s the record from September 2000 to July 2002 when Arafat inflamed his followers to launch his new Jew killing intifada.

13,890 attacks excluding rock throwing.

593 babies, mothers, sons, daughters, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers massacred.

4,379 injured, many becoming permanent or semi permanent invalids with missing limbs or screws, nails and shrapnel in their bodies.

To give British readers a more realistic perspective I have translated these numbers into UK population values by a multiplication factor of 10. Thus we get:

138,900 attacks!

5930 massacred!

40,790 injured!

In less than 2 years.

How Would Britain Have Coped?

How would Britain have coped with that kind of barbarism from the IRA? Would Britain have taken a laid back attitude as they continually caution Israel? Not on your nelly!

And what would Prof. Rose and company have then said had Britain gotten tough with such mass murder and mayhem? Would they have threatened Britain with their departure . . . perhaps, dare I say it, to Israel?


Their letter to the Guardian includes:

“We do not wish to identify ourselves with what Israel is doing. We wish to express our solidarity with all those who are working for a time **when Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip can be lived in by people without any restrictions based on so-called racial, cultural, or ethnic origins.”

It beggars the brain that the professors are totally unaware that Israel is already lived in by people without restrictions based on “so called racial, cultural, or ethnic origins”. Israel hosts host sizeable communities of Arabs, Christians, Bedouin, Russians, Kurds, Circassians, Druze, Armenians and others.

Would you believe Rose’s group of intellectuals and academics are apparently unaware that Gaza is Judenrein and virtually Christian-rein? And that Christians are being forced out of the West Bank by Palestinian threats and continued harassment? The Arab terrorist campaign is clearly intended to remove the the last Jew too.

“Refugees” and the
“Right of Return”

May 2nd, 2007

First published September 06, 2003.
Revised May 2007

Subversion of Meaning

Caroline B. Glick’s “The War of Words” (Column One, Jerusalem Post 5/9/03) was a necessary reminder of the power of words as an effective Palestinian weapon in its war against Israel.

In one of many apt examples of the subversion of meaning Glick mentions the extraordinary redefinition of ‘refugee’:

“For every other group, the status of refugee exists only for those individuals who actually lived in a country and left. But for Palestinians, every relative, child, and grandchild of an Arab who left Israel in 1948 is a refugee. “Under international law, it is the responsibility of the countries that take in refugees to provide them with a home. But for Palestinians, the situation is reversed.”

The United Nations, siding as it does with the Arab/Islamic bloc, has endorsed this mutilation of meaning in many of its anti-Israel resolutions.

Impossibility of Returning If You’ve Never Been

There is however, an inherent anomaly in the widely propagandized “right of return”. For to return anywhere you have to have been there in the first place. Try as the Arabs and their formidable claque of UN redefiners may, it is impossible to return to a place you never have been. This applies to every so called “Palestinian refugee” born and bred after 1948.

Many believe that the Arab “right of return” is ensconced in the PALESTINIAN NATIONAL CHARTER (July 1968). Not so. Despite the deluge of declarations from the Palestinian camp the “right of return” catch phrase does not exist in that Charter.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to commandeer this term was an undoubted PR coup – and not all that many years ago. It was based, says the PA, on the Jewish right of return. However, there is an inherent flaw in this comparison.

Exclusive Right of Diaspora Jews to Return

The Jewish right of return is spelled out in the founding charter of the State of Israel. The specific wording does not mention ‘right of return’. It only refers to the Jewish right of immigration. Thus: “THE STATE OF ISRAEL will be open to the immigration of Jews from all countries of their dispersion”.

Clearly the Arabs have no right of return to the State of Israel. Nor have they any legal right of immigration. Only Jews have that right. All others must apply.

United Nations Accepts Jewish Right

Thus all nations which voted for the acceptance of the State of Israel as a member of the United Nations in November 1948, explicitly approved the exclusive Jewish right of free immigration.

All nations which subsequently recognized Israel during the past 59 years implicitly confirmed this inherent Jewish right.

The overwhelming majority of Arabs who left Palestine in 1948 did so of their own accord. They did not flee in the usual sense of the term. They walked, they bussed. They rode on camels and donkeys. The wealthier used cars. The British ferried many in military vehicles. They traveled leisurely by boat to Lebanon. All in fairly unhurried fashion. No Israeli soldiers chased them.

Evacuees Not Refugees

Samuel Katz, who was there, wrote copiously about the Arab exit. He correctly called them evacuees. The great majority, i.e. those under 59 cannot return to a country they’ve never seen or been. That’s an oxymoron if ever there was one. They do have the right to apply to immigrate to the Jewish State – but no free right to do so.

They were self propelled evacuees who were exhorted to leave home for a very short while to allow the Arab armies conquer and throw the Jews into the sea. We cannot forget their cruel intention. We are not responsible for the pain of our would-be exterminators in their self-imposed exile. And we will not take this bitter, hate-filled enemy back to our bosom.

The Arabs who wanted to see all the Jews killed, as their leaders so loudly proclaimed – now want to come back to try again – at the right time. They believe Allah will surely be with them next time .

59 Years of Deep Core Hatred

Meanwhile, for 59 years, they have deliberately imparted a daily dose of deep core hatred to their children, in tens of thousands of madrassahs. And hateful, inciteful sermons in their mosques every Friday.

The Arabs had suffered an ignominious military defeat at the hands of poorly armed Jews who had not fought a battle since the days of the Maccabees. They refer to their 1948 catastrophe as their ‘naqba’. The few hundred thousand Arabs who fled have now become some 3 or 4 million – exact numbers are unknown. (The Koran does not sanction birth control.)

Clever PR Ploy

The Palestinians who upped to make way for the Arab armies which were going to make mincemeat of the Jews, are now demanding that all who wish to return should be allowed to because they have a “right of return”.

Baloney. That so called “right” is nothing more that a clever Palestinian PR ploy to use a Jewish concept to augment their argument, to make it kosher. It certainly is clever propaganda, but propaganda does not validate false historic claims.

The Arabs must not expect Israel to lay down the welcome mat for those who failed to see their wish for the obliteration of Israel come true in 1948. Israel knows full well that this would merely be a prelude to yet another attempt to do us in. That is if they don’t first succeed in taking demographic control of the Jewish State by their many wives and as big families as nature will allow without birth control.

Israel Hurt by
Knesset’s Diplomatic PR Failure

April 28th, 2007

Published July 14, 2005 Revised April 28, 2007

As an interested viewer of Knesset proceedings I cringe in dismay whenever an overseas parliamentary delegation pays an official visit to the Knesset. Firstly because the Knesset will be 80% to 95% empty – usually explained away by the busyness of members on pressing matters.

This feeble excuse doesn’t fool anyone least of all the visiting delegations. The disgust of being so unwelcome is all too obvious.

Why Do We Continue A Mindless Tradition?

Since this is the norm one wonders why invitations are extended to overseas delegations to visit the Knesset at all, seeing that the vast majority of members are never (repeat never) there to welcome them? Why do we mindlessly continue a tradition that has so an antagonistic effect?

Busyness does not mitigate the awful reality that members of Israel’s Knesset don’t give a hoot about visiting parliamentary delegations. The look on the faces of the latter as take their seats in the public gallery is one of puzzled astonishment and annoyance as they gaze on the empty seats below.


Fancy being honored by an official invitation to an event which the hosts themselves don’t even bother to attend! Imagine the feelings of an Israeli delegation visiting an European parliament to be met with a sea of vacant seats. They would surely feel dishonored and disrespected. Mutterings of anti-Semitism would undoubtedly be heard. Do we think the skins of visiting delegations are thicker than ours?

But it gets worse.

Noticing his agenda now calls for him to welcome the visitors, the Speaker (or his Deputy) starts reading his speech. He does so as if the delegation is not even present. Though he speaks in Hebrew (naturally) his hearers have mostly not brought along a translator. Nor has the Knesset thoughtfully provided one.

The Speaker reads the speech which has been prepared for him. He drones on from start to finish not lifting his head to look at those he’s welcoming. Were it not for the fact that the name of the country is mentioned a few times during the speech, the delegation would never know it was being addressed. When the Speaker is finished he skips to the next item on the agenda as if that were that. The departing guests are never given a friendly goodbye gesture.

A Smack In The Face

No eye contact. Not a smile of friendship. No sense of importance communicated. No fuss. No bother. No respect. No honor. Not an ounce of goodwill extended. Just a chore to get over and on to the next agenda item.

Indeed most delegations seem not to know when the welcome speech started . . . nor when it was completed. The delegation leader is never even given the elementary courtesy of saying a few words of thanks. They are left to see themselves out without as much as a good-bye wave. They go without members of the delegation having the faintest idea what was said.

Ruby Rivlin’s Welcome Change

Some things however, are changing for the better. Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of witnessing Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin, welcoming guest delegations from Hungary and Japan to the Knesset.

What gave me genuine pleasure was Mr. Rivlin’s inherent appreciation and acknowledgement of the importance of their visits. He paid his respects and extended due honor in his “baruch habah” to each delegation. Rivlin’s friendly delivery and body language made a palpable difference.

Friendly Eye Contact

He made friendly eye contact with the members of each delegation. He smiled his pleasure to his visitors as he addressed them. The appreciative smiles of response from the visitors’ gallery were immediately noticeable. He made them feel important not only in what he said, but how he delivered his message.

On July 4, a delegation from the Romanian Parliament headed by their Foreign Minister was already seated when Rivlin saw that the agenda now required him to make his visitors welcome speech. He was obviously embarrassed because he had been informed that members of the cabinet would be present for his welcome speech. No one was. (He mumbled his confusion into the microphone.)

After waiting a few minutes more, and seeing no help for it, Rivlin launched into his speech. I was extremely pleased to see that a translated copy in Romanian was given to the delegation on this occasion. At least these visitors would know what the Speaker was saying!

Protocol Changes Required

A few simple changes in protocol will help to overcome the problems:

  1. The Knesset should invite a suitable number of expats of the country to be present in the visitors’ gallery.

  2. Unless simultaneous translation is available, each member of the delegation should be given a translated copy of the speech (on Knesset stationery) after they are seated.

  3. Let the Speaker stand for his first few words of welcome. And let these be delivered, if possible, in the language of the visiting delegation.

  4. Let the Speaker stand for his parting words – also to be given in the delegation’s language.

  5. Provide a microphone in the visitor’s gallery for the leader of the delegation to respond if he wishes.

  6. If the Speaker cannot be present, let him appoint a specific Deputy drilled in carrying out the proper welcoming etiquette.

Friendship Opportunities Missed

Overseas parliamentary delegations can be very important to Israel’s good standing in a world where we have far too few friends. In addition to Japan, Hungary and Romania already mentioned, a number of important parliamentary delegations visited during the past 18 months:

• Foreign ministers of Germany, France, Greece, Norway, Finland, and Austria.

• The president of the Turkish parliament and the defense and agriculture ministers.

• The Finnish foreign minister.

• The Swiss prime minister and members of the Swiss parliament.

• The Ukrainian interior minister.

• The President of Moldova, interior, foreign and economics ministers.

Israel cannot afford to be indifferent to opportunities for increased friendship. We dare not send these delegations away fuming at being so dishonored. We must ensure a pleasant memory for each foreign mission’s official visit to the Knesset.

{} {} {}

Response to Prof. Naomi Chazan

April 26th, 2007

April 26, 2007

The Editor

The Jerusalem Post


Prof. Naomi Chazan tackled a very sensitive subject last week in her ‘Critical Comments’ column, headlined “Make the trade”. Ms. Chazan supports exchanging our captive soldier, Gilad Schalit, for a large number of Palestinian terrorists.

Allow me to wonder if she would continue to hold to the same strong logic expressed in her article if one of the released terrorists killed her husband and children (and others) who were enjoying afternoon coffee in a Jerusalem street cafe?

Or if something equally horrendous happened to a family in her immediate neighborhood. Would she have the courage of her convictions to attend shivah? What would she say in expressing her condolences?

Must something like this actually happen for her to understand the folly of releasing terrorists and accomplices?


Jock L. Falkson

Jewish Enemies of Israel

March 4th, 2007

Prompted by the recent Israel Apartheid Week

The Anti-Israel Professors

I suppose we’ll never know their exact numbers. Nevertheless, many are highly educated academics. Professors who command respect for their primary interests. One of their secondary interests however, campaigning against Israel and for the Palestinians, pains us deeply.

While we have some handfuls in Israel itself, most of our Jewish enemies live and work abroad. They don’t hesitate to exploit their teaching positions to spread their anti-Israel mission among their students and faculty members.

They get strong mainstream media attention because it makes for drama when Jews – especially the highly educated – attack other Jews for the practice of apartheid, no less.

They Accuse Israel of Apartheid?

By now the western world has come to understand that Muslim enmity for Jews and Christians – and other infidels – is Koran based and Arab cultured. Consequently Muslim enmity is virtually understood as natural, and expected.

But when reputable Jewish Professors of the caliber of Steven and Jacqueline Rose, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Tony Judt, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt, Michael Neumann, Marc Ellis, Joel Kovel – and more than a hundred others – spew their enmity against Israel, the media can’t get enough of this “exotic” Jew vs. Jew performance.

Not A Holy Cow

Most professors justify their position by insisting that Israel is not a holy cow immune to criticism. Their pro-Palestinian support is demonstrated by anti-Israel apartheid accusations presented in what they believe is fair and balanced.

The professors justify their criticism saying they are not attacking Jews, ergo they are not anti-Semitic. But this is nonsense. For whatever Israel does or does not do, is done by Israelis, the majority of whom are Jews. The state itself cannot think, or do; only people can.

Who Are The Real Apartheid Sinners?

The charge that Israel is carrying out hateful apartheid practices against the Palestinians is particularly cruel. Because Israelis are intrinsically anti-apartheid whereas the Palestinians are practitioners of apartheid, nationally, theologically and culturally. Items:

• Palestinians don’t want Jews in their midst. They intend their land to be Jew-free. It should not surprise the professors that a Palestinian state is certain to be Judenrein. Items:

• The Palestinian street clamors for a non-Jewish Israel. The Arabs don’t try to hide their apartheid culture. Their aspiration is not for two states living side by side. They want it all and to hell with the Jews.

• Did you know it’s a crime for a Palestinian to sell land to a Jew? Punishable by death? Yes, even though the Palestinians are not yet a sovereign nation they have already executed many Palestians who sold their land to Jews.

If that isn’t apartheid professors, what is? How about some righteous anger directed against the Palestinians for racial barbarism?

• Arab culture and theology is sated with apartheid philosophy and practice. That’s the harsh lesson Jews and Christians have finally learned. It’s a case of convert or be killed. Or be thankful they let you live – provided you pay the Dhimmi’s Jezya (poll tax) and forever accept your status as second class residents. Never as citizens.

• Did you know that the evidence of a Moslem trumps that of a Jew? That Jews are not equal under Shariah law? Should we be surprised that the Jewish academic enemies of Israel have never campaigned for the equal rights of Jews still living in Arab countries?

• Did you know that Arab citizens always had equal rights in Israel? That’ right. Israel’s Arab citizens (now 1.3 million strong) have had equal rights from day one of Israel’s existence. It’s there for all to see in Israel’s democratic founding charter.

• Did you know Palestinians have been persecuting Christians in Bethlehem?

Evidence from a Christian Arab

In his article “Exodus from Bethlehem” in World Net Daily of December 22, 2006, Joseph Farah relates what happened to the once Christian city of Bethlehem. “In I948,” he writes, “Bethlehem was more than 90 percent Christian.” By 2005 Christians were down to 35 percent. By 2006 it was further denuded to 12% of its population of 60,000 Arab residents.

He quotes a Bethlehem Christian community leader: “Since they (the Israelis) left the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority has waged a jihad against the Christian community, raping women, extorting businessmen, lynching “collaborators” and seizing homes.”

“All this talk about Israel driving Christians out and causing pain is nonsense. You want to know what is at play here, just come throughout the year and see the intimidation from the Muslims.”

“They have burned down our stores, built mosques in front of our churches, stole our real estate and took away our rights. Women have been raped and abducted. So don’t tell me about Israel. It’s the Muslims.”

It’s your Palestinian pals, professors, whose openly hostile racial apartheid awaits your investigation and castigation. Why not talk to the remaining Christians in Bethlehem . . . before they’re all gone?

Allow me also to refer you to my January 2006 article “An Apartheid State? The Greatest Lie Ever Told?” You’ll find it listed in this blog in the ‘Apartheid Libel’ Category. In this article I list the 16 practical applications of South African apartheid. Not one, repeat, not one is applicable to non-apartheid, freedom loving, democratic living, Israel!

Ah! But What About The Apartheid Wall?

If your home has been repeatedly burgled, your wife raped and murdered by merciless hooded jihadists, your children brutalized by machine gun toting terrorists . . . would you not build a wall around your home to keep the terrorist criminals from perpetrating the next tragedy?

Israel’s anti-terrorist barrier was erected to prevent the murderers continuing their barbaric terrorism. It was absolutely justified: 99 percent of subsequent suicide attackers and other Palestinian terrorists were stopped in their tracks.

To compare the saving of Jewish life and limb to the frustration or inconvenience of Palestinians being late for appointments due to search procedures at crossing points, is ridiculous. To describe these as akin to South African apartheid is an inversion of truth. For there never was a separation wall in South Africa because there never was black on white terrorism.

Of course you might not know it since the media only show you images of Israel’s wall. But not everything you see is true. For the wall you see is actually 95 percent wire fence! The Palestinians’ “separation wall” is nothing but lying propaganda. It’s a security barrier, designed to keep Palestinian suicide bombers and other terrorists out. And it’s doing a hell of a fine job at that, thank goodness.

Since year 2000 Israel experienced a wave of Palestinian terrorist atrocities against its citizens. 22 Suicide bombs and over 9,500 violent attacks killed more than 900 innocents. It injured and traumatized thousands, many for life. I don’t recall the professors ever protesting once. Such is their enmity for Jews in Israel. Such is the depth of their warmth and regard for Palestinian terrorists.

All attacks were initiated from Palestinian areas, using men, women and children to blow up Jews in Israel. One consequence of this relentless hatred is that Israel has been forced to employ over 50,000 security guards. Israelis are searched for weaponry at virtually every public entrance every time they enter.

The Appalling Cost of Airline Security

Palestinian terrorism aimed at Israel’s national airline El Al in the early 1970’s compelled Israel to take stringent security measures. Most every boarding passenger is questioned and many are individually searched. This includes detailed luggage individual inspections to ensure that everyone who boards an Israeli aircraft traveling from Tel Aviv is ‘clean’.

Every flight also carries Israeli marshals to prevent hijacking. Additional measures are taken to prevent ground fired missiles bringing down planes taking off.

Think of it – over 9 million passengers passed through Israeli airports in 2006! The cost of Israel’s safety measures – for which Palestinian terrorists are solely responsible – must be truly horrendous.

With such large numbers on the one hand and tight airport schedules on the other there are bound to be instances of annoyance, indignity and frustrations.

Arab passengers frequently moan about these situations and use them to generate anti-Israel PR in the media. Stories praising Israeli lifesaving methods lose out by more than 100 to one. Can you recall the last time mainstream media reminded readers, viewers and listeners that Palestinian terrorists were and are totally responsible for Israel’s essential security measures?

I for one am ever so thankful Arab passengers are given the once over sometimes twice and three times. Despite media criticism, racial profiling was never more justified.

Jewish Enemies Target The Jewish State

If they were genuinely interested in dismantling regimes which practice apartheid the professors would have no alternative to denouncing the Palestinians who are chain-bound to both racial and sexual apartheid. As is the case in all 22 states of the Arab League.

But that is quite unlikely. For the professors have swallowed the Palestinian narrative hook line and sinker. If finally compelled by common sense to drop Israel’s alleged apartheid from their hate agenda, there are other issues they will press. For it is the very existence of the Jewish State itself which they can’t abide.

Isn’t that why they have no history of agitation against the real thing – South African apartheid?

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Another Take On The Apartheid Accusation.

Insights from Muslim writer Irshad Manji.

•Would an apartheid state have several Arab political parties, as Israel does?

•Would the vast majority of Arab Israeli citizens turn out to vote in national elections, as they’ve usually done?

• Would an apartheid state award its top literary prize to an Arab?

• Would road signs throughout the land appear in both languages?

• Would an apartheid state be home to universities where Arabs and Jews mingle at will,
or apartment blocks where they live side by side?

• Would an apartheid state bestow benefits and legal protections on Palestinians who live outside of >Israel but work inside its borders?

• Would human rights organizations operate openly in an apartheid state?

• Would a Hebrew newspaper in an apartheid state run an article by an Arab Israeli about why
the Zionist adventure has been a total failure?

• Would an apartheid state ensure conditions for the freest Arabic press in the Middle East

• The late Edward Said, stated flat out that “Israel is not South Africa”.

• As a Muslim, I could become a citizen of Israel without having to convert.

Read Manji’s full article in The Australian, 09.02.07:
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For more information and relevant content on what Jewish friendly academics are doing in Britain to stop the boycott, permit me to recommend ; and Engage:

[July 20, 2007]