The Apartheid Label –
Israel Must Get Rid Of It

September 3, 2004. Updated June 3, 2006

“Like animals they wanted to kill us . . .”

Palestinian apartheid racists cannot abide even a handful of Jews, let alone a few thousand. The Jerusalem Post reported (Aug. 29/04) how Israeli soldiers had to rescue 3 Israeli garbage truck drivers from certain lynching.

They had accidentally strayed into the Kalandiya refugee camp outside Ramalla. Here they “were confronted by hundreds of Palestinians who threw bricks, metal rods, and stones . . . and attempted to force them out of the trucks to set them on fire.”

“We didn`t think they would attack us like animals, they wanted to kill us. I was covered in blood” said one driver.

This was by no means the first time Arabs had killed defenseless Israelis found in areas controlled by their terrorist-enforcing Authority. Because so many do behave like bloodthirsty animals, Israel`s security chiefs continue to warn Israelis to keep out of any area under PA control.

Gandhi`s Unmitigated Chutzpa

Gandhi’s recent criticism of Israel is peculiar. He is quite blind to the stark Judenrein apartheid in the autonomous Palestine Authority areas that stare him in the face. So he does not point a finger at Judenrein, apartheid in Jordan for example. Nor to the Judenrein regimes of Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Kuwait, Qatar and others.

Many had viable Jewish communities until 1948 when they were forced to flee for their lives. Some 700,000 made their way to the Jewish State. In the process these states achieved their Judenrein objective – and also stole their property and possessions. (Allah be praised.)

If Ghandi is so committed to human rights abuses surely Sudan deserved to be Mr. Gandhi`s top priority in our region? Surely a moralist of his purported standing has something important to say to the Janjaweed Arab speaking Sudanese Muslims who have reportedly slaughtered well over two hundred thousand (and counting) of their fellow Sudanese in Darfur? In a one-sided war largely about territory and booty? And has resulted in some two million helpless, homeless refugees (and counting) ?

Israel`s Effective Anti-terrorist Barrier

When Israel decided to erect its anti-terrorist barrier the Arabs laughed at this stupid idea. They danced in the streets and gleefully handed out sweets when their terrorists still succeeded in carrying out suicide missions to the glory of Islam.

But as Israels anti-terrorist barrier lengthened it slowly but surely became more effective in keeping Arab terrorists out. No longer was barrier something to laugh at. It was beginning to severely interfere with terrorist plans to murder and create mayhem in Israels crowded buses and shopping malls.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) moved quickly to stop this latest Israeli menace which no longer left their civilians as exposed to Palestinian murderers as before. Galvanized into action they mobilized their PR resources to fight Israel`s latest threat to their hitherto successful suicide bombing campaign (which conventional wisdom had judged could not be defeated).

Apartheid Badge Pinned To Anti-terrorist Barrier

With uncanny PR insight the Palestinians latched on the emotive ‘apartheid’ word and launched their campaign to bring down the “apartheid wall”. Having attaching this false apartheid label they appealed to the nations to prevent Israel’s anti-terrorist barrier inching its way across the landscape.

The PTA charged that the barrier had nothing whatever to do with Israels security. Its real purpose, they claimed, was a deceitful “land grab”. ”˜Colonialism and ”˜Bantustan` were thrown into the apartheid mix to strengthen their attack. Their apartheid campaign quickly resonated worldwide.

False TV Images And Reports

Images of a looming, frightening wall were constantly aired on world TV giving the sham impression that the wall ran all the way. Israeli response that the wall would only represent a mere 4 per cent of the barrier`s length when complete was drowned out by deceitful headlines.

Thus did the ”˜fence` word become a public relations disaster for Israel. And a priceless gift to the PTA as they joyfully castigated our life-saving security barrier as an inhuman “separation wall . . . apartheid wall . . . Berlin wall”.

By now Israel too had emerged as an “apartheid occupying” power, with all the horrible characteristics of the South African pariah state which had ruled its non-white population so unjustly for more than 50 years. The apartheid comparison was effective, but false from top to bottom.

The appellation of the apartheid libel to democratic Israel must be one of the most despicable news-speak oxymorons of our day. But its effectiveness, especially among the anti-Semites of this world, cannot be sidelined.

Unexpected Research Resource

Many will remember the shocking silence that greeted the appearance of Israels 36 athletes as they entered the stadium on opening night of the Athens Olympics. And will also recall the thunderous applause which greeted the single Palestinian athlete for whom the rules were changed to permit a non-state to participate for the first time.

One might argue that the Olympic audience did not represent a true sample of world opinion. But that would be fudging the truth. On the contrary, 70,000 spectators from nearly all nations of the world are as good a sample as any respected Opinion Researcher could possibly select for polling purposes.

And when 90% or more give thumbs down to Israel and thumbs up to “Palestine”, theres no point debating error percentages. From a PR viewpoint the murdering Palestinian terrorists have become the worlds darling victims. It is surely clear that the democratic Jewish State has been targeted for delegitimation.

How Did We Sink So Low?

The answer must be seen in Israels PR failure to win hearts and minds in the war of words and images which takes place 24/7 in the world's media. Specifically in TV media because its reach is so vast and all embracing. And also because of this mediums ability to profoundly stir emotions. This is what makes TV inherently 100 -1000 times more powerful than print media. (Actual statistics not known.)

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Israel has lost the TV war of words and imagery to the Palestine Terrorist Authority.

Our spokespersons are frequently outmatched by the PTA in all PR aspects: in what they say, how they say it, and in their frequent appearance on network TV. The terrorists are always ahead of Israel in the images they supply the networks. Their lies are aired long before Israel is ready (after proper investigation) to present its truth. By then the world has already made up its mind.

We Cannot Afford To Lose The War Of Words

Remember the massacre at Jenin that never was? By the time Israel confirmed the low accurate body count, the hugely exaggerated lies about a massacre of Palestinian had already taken root. In spite of Israel`s UN proven figures Arab lies was accepted history.

This is a dangerous situation which dare not be ignored. If we have learned anything from the recent past it is that we cannot afford to lose the PR war of words. Palestinian lies must be exposed, fully, forcefully and repeatedly. On network TV, the most powerful opinion forming medium. And in every other forum where the big apartheid lie is published. {} {} {}

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