Oen Letter to
Genevieve Cora Fraser

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Dear Mrs. Fraser,

I found your article on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict totally biased in favor of the Palestinian Terrorist authority. You blame Israel, the victim, directly, and give a clean bill of health to the Palestinian terrorists who are indisputably the initiators of terrorist aggression.

It is extraordinary that you appear unable to distinguish between the fireman and the arsonist. Yet you must know that if the arsonists do not set the fires, the firemen would not have those fires to put out.

How can you brush aside that fact that the Palestinians lobbed several thousands of katyusha missiles into residential areas of Israel proper inflicting serious psychological damage? And that is why the Israel army is back in Gaza today? How can you seriously believe it was the other way around? Did you really expect Israel to swallow all these attempts to kill Israelis without effective retaliation?

You write that in 6 years Israel has killed thousands with their guided missile technology. How sad that you don’t know you are repeating a monstrous lie. The fact is that you cannot produce any such confirmation from a reliable neutral source. (Try the BBC, by no means Israel’s friend.)

You give the example of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu whom you quote as having stated before the 35th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, “The IDF has the firepower to wipe out an entire population if we wanted. We could wipe out all of Gaza. But we are not doing this,” he added. And you add, snidely, that Bibi was “covering his tracks”. In telling the truth Bibi has no need to cover his tracks.

I think the Palestinians are smart enough to know that the only time they need be afraid is just before they intend to wipe us out with weaponry they will have amassed for this purpose.

Even then, Ms. Fraser, you and the rest of the world, can be certain Israel will only attack the sources of their military power to preempt the Palestinians perpetrating a second Jewish genocide. (Probably with the help of the Iranians, their best friends, who also intend to obliterate us.)

Despite your diatribe of fulmination about so called Israeli oppression you cannot be unaware that Israel, more than any other army currently involved in military activities, takes extraordinary care to prevent civilian casualties. Moreover, unlike any other army Israel readily admits and apologizes for mistakes which have led to the unfortunate death of innocents. Have your Palestinian pals ever apologized?

Silly question. No one expects the Palestinian terrorists to apologize for killing Israeli innocents; for that, after all, is their focus, their aim, their purpose. Not so, Ms. Fraser?

Contrary to Israel’s human rights concern for civilian lives, the undisguised intent of the bloodthirsty Palestinian terrorists is to kill Israeli civilians. Men, women and children. They dance and march in their streets in unrestrained joy. They hand out candy whenever they have a successful killing operation. And they proudly point out as though it were a laudable quality of their character : “We love death, you love life”. Do you subscribe to this Palestinian principle too?

When you raise nitpicking arguments of collective punishment, please remember, will you, that both the Hamas Charter and the Palestine Covenant commit their followers to a Palestine from the “river to the sea”. Translation: extermination/exile. This aim has never been expunged by the Palestinian Authority despite their publicly televised promise to do so. So measure your friends intended collective punishment for us, against the triviality of their moaning for being messed around at a checkpoint.

How strange Ms. Fraser, that as a non-Muslim, you have thrown in your lot with Muslim terrorists and extremists whose overarching aim is to join their fellow Muslims to achieve world domination. The effect of which will be (in part):

to abolish democracy.

to enforce Islam as the world`s only religion and Shariah law as its justice system.

to reintroduce polygamy and arranged marriage as early as 9, as exampled by the Prophet himself.

to justify “honor” killings for females who lose their virginity outside marriage.

to give Christians and other infidels the options of death, or second class citizenship.

clitoral circumcision and lots more 7th century stuff like the above.


3 Responses to “Oen Letter to
Genevieve Cora Fraser”

  1. Genevieve Cora Fraser Says:

    Dear Jock,

    You need to spend a week or so in Gaza or perhaps spend a few days in Nablus. See what it’s like to have tanks roaming the streets and lobbing attacks at will. Palestine is under a brutish occupation that many good Israelis speak against.

    Clearly, your years in the ad biz have served your well in Israel as an apologist for atrocity.

    Genevieve PS I hold an MFA from Brandeis.

  2. Jock L. Falkson, Ra'anana Israel Says:

    Dear Genevieve,

    Thank you for commenting on my open letter. Needless to say we differ in opinions, but why should we differ on facts?

    For it`s simply not true if I spent a week in Gaza or a few days in Nablus, that I would see any Israeli tanks roaming the streets and lobbing attacks.

    The undeniable fact is I wouldn`t see any Israeli tanks at all, because Israel only launches an anti-terrorist operation very occasionally. When Palestinian terrorism simply gets out of hand. Not constantly as you imply.

    Surely, as an MFA from Brandeis, you should not have overlooked the fact that Palestinians continue to fire Kassam rockets almost every day into Israel, desiring to damage property and kill and maim as many innocent Israelis as Allah wills? Is this not the real atrocity? Would you have us fold our hands, never to retaliate, never to protect our people?

    So that you can correct your mistake, Genevieve, will you tell me just how many days Israel roamed those streets out of the last 365? Ask your Palestinian friends ”“ they`ll cheat the numbers – they always do. Still, I don`t believe they`ll exaggerate quite as much as you have.

    It is not a fact, as you claim, that Israeli tanks roam the streets to lob attacks (as if it was their favorite, daily sport. A tank might occasionally be used, in a brief anti-terrorist operation, to demolish a house used by armed terrorists. But more usually by bulldozing, seldom, if at all, by shelling.

    Why are you on about “brutish occupation”? What “occupation”? Why “brutish”? Surely you know (as a fact) that Gaza is not, repeat not, under Israeli occupation, brutish or otherwise? Surely you recall that Israel pulled out of Gaza in September 2005. That`s 19 months ago. If you`re not sure check Aljazeera.net Sept 13, 05.

    As for occupying the West Bank, Genevieve, in fact Israel gave up the seven cities, Tulkarm, Ramallah, Jericho, Kalkilya, Jenin, Bethlehem and Nablus to permit the formation of the Palestine Authority (PA) in 1994. Then the Israel Defense Force started to withdraw from other areas, until 95% of the Palestinian population is under PA control. Surely that can`t be called ”˜occupation`?

  3. Phil Dragoo, Sante Fe Says:

    Thank you for your excellent put-down of this hateful idiot. The anti-Israel mouth-breathers are so tiresome–and they all need good smack, and when they get up, they need another good smack.

    I’m reading Islamic Imperialism by Efraim Karsh. That loveable Mohammed and his Religion of Peace–yes, he kicked it off by killing whole tribes of Jews!

    Now this “hostage” business and Honest Reporting supplied the ammo to respond to several publications hateful nonsense. And sent along the great writing in Time of Charles Krauthammer, a light in a dark world.
    The woman is of a piece with that Hillary-Suha incident–oh yes of course the Israelis are gassing those poor Pali-kiddies, so the fat-ankled one just had to smooch Suha, wife of the Maggot-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! Keep smacking them.