Durban 2. Apartheid and Other Racist Lies

It is necessary to examine the motivation and justification for the revival of the current anti-Semitic agitation in Britain and Europe. They protest they are against racism and apartheid ”“ not against Jews. However, this is nothing more than an old Jew hating calumny that has never been allowed to die.

The immediate cause is Durban 11 which the Palestinians have decided to launched once again. Durban 1 was an outstanding anti-Semitic success and it was time to stick it to the Jews once more – to give the dagger another painful twist.

The anti-racist/apartheid campaigners maintain that they are not anti-Jew, nor anti-Israel, but anti-Zionist/racist. But that lie is simply intended to mask their real intentions. This is made plain by the fact that of all the genuine racist and apartheid cultures in this world, their fingers point mainly at Israel

While Israel’s not quite 6 million Jews stand accused of racism and apartheid, more than a billion Indians who ostracize some 160 million untouchables (Dalits) are not. Clearly the so called anti-Zionists are not agitating against Israeli “apartheid” but against Jews because they are Jews.

When the Arab nations numbering several hundred million are given a free pass even though they have firmly institutionalized Judenrein practices in their own countries, it`s clear that Durban 11 is not against apartheid but against Jews.

When the nations which enthusiastically supported Durban 1 are gearing up for round 2, and have no word of criticism for the institutionalized unequal treatment of women* in Islamic countries, then their anti-Semitic prejudice is as evident as a ripe boil on the nose.

>*(Denigrates women to the level of chattel; promotes polygamy; permits wife beating, honor killing and beheading; undertakes forced clitoral removal without surgery or anesthesia, etc.)

When Christian nations which don`t have a harsh word to say against the Palestinian Arabs who waged a relentless and highly successful campaign to rid themselves of the Christians in their midst, then we know their “anti-Zionist” agitation is nothing more than Jew-hating anti-Semitism. (Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians have increased in number, and where the Bahai religion is not only tolerated but profoundly respected.)

The Muslim world is not only the enemy of the Jews but equally the enemy of the Christians. Muslim faith requires non-Muslims within their sovereignty to convert or die. They may however, be tolerated provided they pay their annual Poll Tax, called Jizya.

The Christian nations planning to attend Durban 11 will be required to overlook the Muslims’ life threatening apartheid culture and take umbrage at Israel`s so called apartheid. Such support will encourage the short term Muslim plan to eradicate the “little Satan” first as they have named Israel. Their long term plan is overcome the “Big Satan”, the USA.

The best way right now for democratic Christian and other nations to demonstrate their genuine anti-racist/apartheid values – and their horror of government approved anti-Semitism, is to stay away from Durban 11.

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6 Responses to “Durban 2. Apartheid and Other Racist Lies”

  1. John Strawson, London Says:

    Very incisive. A friend of mine was very critical of Israel not going to the conference but I agree that there is no point ”“ and the great news is the Americans agree!

  2. Jerry Weisman Montana Says:

    I have mailed your piece to a newspaper publisher with the following comment:

    Jock Falkson, is an internet writer and blogger who lives in Israel. I have been corresponding with him for a few years. He is closer to 90 than 80, and he remains a very focused and well phrased writer. If you are looking at something to put into the (name of newspaper) as an op-ed column, about Durban II, this could be a good submission. President Obama, just 2 days ago and after a lot of prodding announced that the United States would not attend this Israel Bash Fest, but the event still will happen and the United Nations will still support and sponsor this ‘event.’

  3. Gerry Dinerman Kfar Saba Says:

    Here’s a question; To a Muslim every none Muslim is either a Kafir, who must convert or be killed, or if Christian, Jewish or Follower of Zoroaster, a Dhimmi who will be treated as a barely tolerated member of a second class society as long as he remembers to pay his yearly Poll Tax, called Jizya. [Egyptian Christian Copts are an example]

    If that isn’t considered racist or a manifestation of Apartheid, have I got a great bargain for you: The Brooklyn Bridge is for sale!!

  4. Harry P. Levin Says:


    There were actually three previous Durban type conferences – in 1978 and 1983, both in Geneva, Switzerland, and Durban 1 in 2001 in Durban, South Africa.

    I well remember the posture of the organized Jewish community to the emerging Hitlerite rumblings. It was ‘ignore them, these political clowns have no future in our educated and sophisticated society’. This view was mostly shared by the non-Jewish society as well. How wrong they all were. Silence in the face of racial attacks is acquiescence with the attack. Every attempt at denigrating Jews or misrepresenting the legitimate efforts of the Jewish people as a whole (i.e., building a Jewish state) must be immediately countered with exposing our position. Not only that, but we must also expose the hypocrisy of the Moslem side by contrasting our way of dealing with social and political problems with theirs.

    Here is what I suggest for a brief introduction.

    Whoa – another Moslem Assault ! Here are the facts. In 2001, the United Nations sponsored a conference of all nations in Durban, South Africa to counter racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, world wide. This conference, called ‘Durban 1’, was highjacked by the Moslems, who submitted drafts promoting, the exact opposite. and accused the United States and Israel of practising all these cruel and merciless acts themselves, in particular against Moslems. As a result, the United States, Israel and many other civilised countries withdrew from the conference, but the United Nations insisted on continuing it to half empty auditoriums.

    This year, the Moslems are trying to go ‘Durbin 1, one better. For this event, called ‘Durban 2’, (actually held in San Francisco), the proposed speeches far exceed the lies and viriulence of ‘Durban 1’ The United Nations again supports it totally, contrary to its professed aims and objectives. Again, the United States and Israel and many other countries have withdrawn from the conference. This time this hateful lampoon will be replayed yet before another approving Moslem conference.

  5. Fi Says:

    A few points about the racist UN – Durban “anti-racism” conference

    Why Western countries tend to boycott it.

    1) Since Muslim nations (OIC & Iran) push to criminalize criticism of Islamists’ bigotry, doesn’t it mean that anything being said in that conference is the opposite of tolerance and of truth?

    2) How can the UN avoid the largest practitioner of racism, which is Arabism (against: Kurds, Berbers, Africans, Jews, Assyrians, Asians, etc.), but focuses on the so called “anti-Arab racism”? [ Arabism is racism! ]

    3) When will Arab racists & Islamic bigots let go of the UN and stop hijacking it with it’s lobbies (silencing Arab racist genocide in Darfur, yet daming innocent Israelis who merely try to survive)?

    4) Why is Arab terror singling out Jews not racist?

    5) Why is the essence of the entire “conflict'” in the M.E. not a form of bigotry by Arab Muslims who can’t “accept” the non Arab non Muslim pluralistic democratic Israel?

    6) Are Jews living, or even allowed to live in racist “Palestinian” controlled territories (Judenrein – ethnic cleaning)?

    7) When will lefty radicals (Meretz/B’Tzelem) talk about preferential treatments to Arabs OVER Jews inside Israel, like in Hebron and in other cases?

    8) Why are (Arab Palestinian or Hezbollah) the ones using its own kids as cannon fodders considered “innocent victims”?

    9) Is Israel battling just terrorism or an ARAB MUSLIM CAMPAIGN OF GENOCIDE since the 1920’s?

    10) How more racist can the Durban-conference get, If the two oppressive regimes: Libya & Iran are the “stars”? Libya – whose Muamar Qaddafi (besides his own persecution of non-Arabs, especially blacks in his country, who describe themselves as living like: slaves or animals) the one of the champions in today’s racist Arabization, and Arabist racism push against Africa (whose “vision” has been compared to Hitler’s “lebensraum”), in: Chad, Nigeria, etc., ultimately his crimes in the Sudan region helped in leading the current Al-Bashir’s genocide on Millions of Africans (financed mainly by Libya and S. Arabia). Iran, the regime of Islamic bigotry’s oppression on its own population with an added special persecution on all on-Muslims: Christians, Baha’i, Jews, etc. or on non-“pure-Persians” like: Ahwazi – Arabs, Kurds, Azeris, Baluchis, etc. now under the leadership of: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [EichmannJihad – the Islamic Hitler] who plays as if he “denies” the holocaust only in order to prepare for (his wishful) the second, “wiping off Israel”.

    Thus, the shame of the UN, kidnapped by the epitome of intolerance today, the infamous twin fascism: Arab racism, as in Gadhafi (oppressing his black migrants and pusing to Arabization), and Islamic bigotry as in Amadinejad (oppressing all non-uslims), are going to be “preaching” (and determine) to the world on tolerance.

  6. Hauptman Says:

    Thats an awesome post. Looking forward for more like these in future.