How the world was nearly foxed by Goldstone

The Editor The Jerusalem Post


The Israeli Foreign Ministry accused the authors of the Goldstone report report’s trying to instigate a “political campaign against Israel” and operating from a “one-sided mandate.” However it missed noticing a hole so wide and so deep that one must marvel at the lack of sagacity on their part as well as on the part of Judge Goldstone and his fellow commissioners.

I refer to the fact that Hamas was aided in conducting their war against Israel by accomplices bent on enjoying life in the hereafter in the company of 72 black eyed virgins for each shihad who fell in the line of duty. Whether they were willing or unwilling matters not it is clear that the unwilling civilians outnumbered the willing ones by a lot more than ten to one.

Is this how Goldstone et al carried out their mandate to investigate the war guilt crimes of both parties? Hmm?

Clearly Hamas bore the greater guilt by far than the Israel because their civilian deaths amounted to a massacre totaling several hundreds whereas Israels guilt numbered a couple of dozen or so. Goldstones report belongs in the trash can of history and the Human Rights clan deserve new jobs as trash can removers.


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