Ineradicable incitement

The Editor
The Jerusalem Post


Incitement comes with mother`s milk.

The cessation of mutual incitement is just one of several requirements of Phase 1 of the Road Map. Both sides are required to first end incitement: the Israelis who never ever had such a program and the Palestinians who did.

Would you believe this?

Unless the parties can prove adherence there is no way of implementing Phase 2. The Quartet has been charged with judging whether this and other requirements of each phase are met.

The teaching and spreading of contempt and hatred for the Jewish population of Israel is ingrained in the culture and daily lives of the Palestinians. Eradication is an impossible task given the amount of damage already done and the unlikely chance that Palestinian leaders would even try to meet their fundamental Phase 1 requirement.

The US led Quartet wants Israel to cease all settlement building activities to give the Palestinians a bone so to speak so that they will be inclined to give Israel a quid pro quo. But this will never happen as the Palestinians intend not to make it happen.

Israel will get nothing, not even the promise of halting incitement.

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