Cameron Badmouths Israel,
Sucks Up to India

By Jock L. Falkson
August 3, 2010

When David Cameron visited Turkey recently he took the opportunity to relieve himself of some malice aforethoughts regarding Israel. Such as Israel having launched an unprovoked attack on the Mavi Marmara.

The real provocation came from those on the Mavi Marmara who responded “Go back to Auschwitz.” Nice babies these peaceful flotilla folk. Israel was left with the only option to board the ship and take it over.

Its troops rapelled down and were immediately attacked by a group of roughnecks waiting for them with iron bars, sticks, knives and grenades. They would undoubtedly have been beaten to death had the Israeli troops so allowed. Instead they fired back in self defense with fatal consequences for 9 of the attackers.

Cameron also accused Israel of the continued “occupation” of Gaza disregarding the fact that the last Israeli had left 5 years earlier. If he actually means Israel`s blockade – imposed to prevent the ruling Hamas terrorists from importing lethal rockets intended and other military equipment to kill Israelis – he should have said so. Because a blockade is not occupation. Nor is it illegal under international law.

But Cameron had more anti-Israel barbs: “The situation in Gaza has to change. Humanitarian goods and people must flow in both directions. Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp.”

This criticism from a British Prime Minister is hard to stomach for the simple reason that were it not for the goods that go in and out the Gazans would truly be in a desperate condition. Israel not only supplies food and medicines but everything in between. Plus electricity and water. In fact Gaza is actually flourishing.

Moreover, since Gaza’s Hamas terrorist government is totally committed to Israels destruction can anyone point to another such example in world history to match Israels generosity?

Ironically, Cameron paid an official visit to India shortly after visiting Turkey. Since the UK has suffered a great deal during the recent economic meltdown his purpose was to increase business between the two countries.

Cameron was at his charming, deferential. In his public statements he said he was well satisfied with the prospects of increased future business with India.

He had plenty of guts when it came to insulting the Jewish state but none when it came to rapping India`s knuckles for its horrendous crimes against humanity.

These crimes are documented from time to time by the UN`s Human Rights Council –

by Amnesty International – “

and by Human Rights Watch.

Most people are not aware of suffered by its 200 million Dalits/untouchables at the hands of those in the upper castes during India`s horrible history. But a British Prime Minister of a country which occupied and ruled India for over 200 years has nowhere to hide.

Abuses Committed Against Dalits

Abuses against dalits take many forms. They include (but are not limited to): Ӣ Beatings, slashing, and other forms of torture Ӣ Arson — the burning of dalit communities Ӣ Violence against women Ӣ Rape, gang rape, and the parading of women through the streets naked Ӣ Beating and torture of women Ӣ Summary execution, many times by burning alive Ӣ Bonded labor Ӣ Denial of rights Ӣ Police abuses against dalits, custodial abuse.

Not one of these inhuman criminal sins can be laid at Israel`s door. Instead Cameron lambasted Israel because Israeli soldiers defended themselves against serious personal injury if not certain death. He is a hypocrite and a political bully. His shame is inextricably etched in Indian ink.

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