For anti-Semites who consider
themselves decent people

By Jock L. Falkson

After a lifetime in South Africa I retired in 1993 to live in Israel – among my people – at long last. Without exaggeration, this was a happy decision.

In my 73 years in S. Africa I never once came face to face with anti-Semitism. Yet I was certainly aware of its existence. I would avidly read up on the subject. Before too long it became clear to me that the origin of anti-Semitism had nothing to do with the accusations levelled against Jews. It had everything to do with our accusers.

It was the Christian finger of guilt which pointed to the Jewish people throughout the generations for their so called “killing of Christ”. An untruth which denied the fact that this observant, temple-going Jew was tried and crucified by the Romans for attempted sedition. Pontius Pilate called Jesus “King of the Jews” and a crown of thorns was placed on his head to mock him. Responding to Jews who criticized his verdict Pilate brusquely brushed them aside, saying “What I have written, I have written”.

Jewish religious practices like circumcision and the kosher way of slaughtering animals led to the uncontrolled hatred of a great many European Jews. Completely disregarding the fact that Jesus and his apostles were themselves circumcised. In addition to observing kosher food requirements they all observed the 613 commandments to be found in our bible.

Throughout the generations Christians were unfortunately taught to see Jews as their enemy for whom, torture, limb smashing, lashing, bashing, forceful conversion, raping, gassing and genociding were all deserved punishments. And, except for the infamous Inquisition, unworthy of any legal process. Not that the Inquisition rendered true justice.

One of the most common anti-Semitic accusations levelled against Jews during the last 100 years, is that in contrast to upstanding non-Jews, Jews were money mad. It became a given that money was our God – for which we would do anything. Non-Jews were of course naturally profligate in their disdain for the filthy lucre, preferring the low paid jobs so they could not be accused of Jewish money-loving. Such absolute nonsense nevertheless led to much Jewish suffering.

Jews were likewise accused of poisoning wells – as if they had secret wells they alone could drink from. And of spreading the plague ”“ as if they were magically protected from their contact with the said diseases.

Jews were also accused of killing Christian children in order to drink their blood. Exactly how Jews would benefit from this remains a mystery, never mind God`s prescription that His people were prohibited from drinking even a single drop of blood! (Hence the kosher method of killing animals – which ensures that all blood is drained before the meat is sold or eaten.)

Such anti-Semitic nonsense was trotted out as justification to hate and attack Jews, and to frequently rob them of their money and possessions. Also to mercilessly rob them of their lives – no doubt to teach other money mad, blood sucking Jews a lesson. Nor were poor Jews spared ”“ they too were robbed, tortured, maimed and murdered for no rhyme or reason other than that they were Jews.

Anti-Semitism continues to be alive and well in these times in many countries, with notable exceptions of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Have I erred by not including Britain? No I have not.

The Asian countries such as India and China were never anti-Semitic.

The rise of the Jewish State of Israel has unfortunately served as the focus for the current wave of anti-Semitism. The reasons are couched in political terms but the motivation is the same. It is none other than hatred of Israel because it is a Jewish state.

Of course, the nations offer political justification for being anti-Israel. Like human rights violations, racism, apartheid, oppression, occupation ”“ all of them apparently fitting reasons for hatred, boycotts, flotillas and high minded anti-Israel votes at the United Nations`. Nevertheless, as I shall demonstrate, all the so called justifications fit the definition of anti-Semitism: hatred of Israel because it is a Jewish state.

Take the accusation of racism and apartheid. How come Israel is excoriated, yet India is not condemned for its vicious racism and apartheid against its estimated 150 million Dalits – ”˜untouchables` – who have lived in virtual slavery for centuries? Think of it ”“ 150 million Dalits with no human rights whatever!! (Imagine the unceasing political hysteria if Israel treated its Arabs as India treats its Dalits.)

Nor do the anti-Semitic nations protest Chinas continued occupation of Tibet. Nor Russias occupation of Chechnya, Dagistan, North Ossetia, Tatarstan and the Japanese islands of Kuril. Nor the Turkish occupation of half of Cyprus since 1974. And other occupations.

Should we be amazed that the anti-Israel nations do not have the honesty, the decency, nor the fortitude to give Israel credit where and when it is due? Surely its due to Israel in spades for its countless inventions and innovations which have been so beneficial to mankind? Many more continue in the pipeline. Here are some which I have copied from 21cs blog from April to date:

  1. June 12, 2011 – Israel is the only country that permanently opens its arms to children sick from radiation caused by the Ukrainian nuclear disaster 25 years ago.

  2. June 5, 2011 – Hebrew University researchers have discovered how a single gene can keep malignant cancer cells from spreading to healthy tissue.

  3. May 29, 2011 – An Israeli medical consortium was called in to set up adult male circumcision clinics in an effort to halt the HIV-AIDS epidemic among the Zulu in South Africa.

  4. May 22, 2011 – Israeli researchers have discovered a way to reverse the aging process and rejuvenate the immune system in mice.

  5. May 15, 2011 – Israel’s Vacciguard introduces a unique biotech system to develop immunizations against some of the world’s deadliest maladies, from cancer to CMV and West Nile virus.

  6. May 8, 2011 – Under a $250 million agreement, Israel’s Evida will supply the batteries, cooling systems and software tools for Mia Electric’s vehicles in Europe.

  7. May 1, 2011 – Israel’s AnyClip has cut a dream deal with Universal Studios to bring favorite clips from the production house`s enormous library to the Internet.

  8. April 24, 2011 – Israel was among the first countries to send medical aid and crucial supplies to Japan following the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

  9. April 17, 2011 – Researchers from Tel Aviv University are working on a nasal two-in-one vaccine that could protect against both Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. The proposed vaccine appears to repair vascular damage in the brain by marshaling forces from the immune system.

  10. April 10, 2011 – Israeli startup Bioexplorers has developed a foolproof, non-invasive and easy method to sniff out contraband, drugs and terrorists — using mice.

  11. April 3, 2011 – Israel Aircraft Industries has developed an airplane “tugboat,” Taxibot Dispatch Towing System, in partnership with Airbus. Taxibot will allow pilots to cut the engine to and from gate and runway, potentially saving billions in fuel.

  12. March 27, 2011 – New York-based ICare4autism plans to build the first global research and education center for autism on Jerusalem`s Mt. Scopus. The campus will house the world’s first university-level school of autism studies, with the aim of raising therapeutic standards worldwide.

  13. March 20, 2011 – Intel is investing $2.7 billion in its Israeli plant in southern Israel, which will produce next-generation 22-nanometer chips to make computers faster, smaller and lighter.

  14. March 13, 2011 – Only about 1.2 million of the world’s 400 million ethnic Arabs live in Israel, yet the sole registry for Arab bone marrow donors is located in Jerusalem`s Hadassah Medical Center.

  15. March 6, 2011 – Israeli scientists at IBM Haifa joined colleagues from the United States, China and Japan to put the brains in Watson, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered supercomputer.

The full list of Israeli achievements over the last 25 years is breathtaking. Regrettably these are not listed anywhere as far as I know. However, the 244 which are published in 21c`s blog since July 2005 ”“though clearly incomplete ”“ is concrete evidence of a small nation beavering away at projects for its own good and the benefit of mankind. Certainly worthy of admiration and approbation in the councils and universities of the world. Instead of which Israel is mostly lashed by the cruel whips of mindless anti-Semitism.

For shame.

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One Response to “For anti-Semites who consider
themselves decent people”

  1. Frank Says:

    Dear Jock,

    In 1974 I made a list of the (37? 57?) excuses for Antisemitism and added a few since but occasionally I give a copy to a fellow teacher and last time I did so and re- read the varieties, it seemed to me that the common theme is envy and jealousy.

    We survive, we do well as the circumstances allow. We do not have Christian hang-ups about sexuality and wealth. we do not have moslem hang ups about superiority. In fact we are quite a happy set of bunnies if left alone – and imaginative, creative and generally able.

    The 20th century was tragic from the 1882 Alexander III pogroms to the 1945 liberation of the Nazi camps; but we have over 100 Nobel laureates, over 400 Olympic medals, over 200 NON- Israeli generals and admirals even if half were Soviet, currently 240 elected legislators and probably over 500 altogether since 1870, any number of musicians and even half a dozen leading impressionist painters (Chagall, Soutine, Kokoschka, Modigliani, Pissaro and Bomberg) besides actors galore and not only in movies.

    As George Bernard Shaw said: “Jews are like other people – only more so,” and it is the more so that is the jealousy. If a nation barely twice the size of Scotland can do so much does it not rile that those with so much more on call do not match up pro rata – or even in mere numbers?


    Frank Adam