How to foil the Iranian Hitler

By Jock L. Falkson

“Jerusalem puzzled by Dempsey comment fearing ”˜complicity” is a headline in The Jerusalem Post, Sept. 2.12. It is but one of a plethora of similar reports being aired in the media these days.

Israel`s leaders are without doubt seriously seeking solutions to prevent the promised fate that is concomitant with the Iranian threat to wipe the Jewish state off the world map.

The Iranian Hitler has not bothered to deliver his threat in any confusion of words. His promise to genocide the Jewish people in the State of Israel has been clearly enunciated time and again. Neither the U.S. nor any major state in the west has publicly responded with an equal promise to guarantee this will not be allowed to happen.

The likely scenario then is that the Iranian Hitler will bomb Israel with his first successfully tested nuclear bomb. He has not been put off by the threat of a second strike whether by Israel or the U.S. He has boasted that the death of 10 million Iranians would be an acceptable price to pay for the death of 6 million Israeli Jews.

I have two suggestions for Israel that might prevent such unbelievable slaughter. If not, it might at least extend Iranian`s D Day for a while longer during which time the U.S. and other democratic nations might coalesce their powers to stop any further nuclear progress by Iran.

Firstly, Israel should pressure the German Government to recall all its scientists working to complete the Iranian nuclear weapon designated for the extermination of the Jewish people in Israel. I believe Prime Minister Merkel will understand that Germany owes this much to Israel. Indeed, it is incredible this has not already happened. What is she waiting for?

Secondly, Israel should publicly announce that every scientist, Iranian, German or other, including their adult families (they all know what these scientists are doing and why) working to realize the Iranian Hitler`s genocide intention, will immediately become Mossad death targets. No matter how long it may take to find and execute each one of them.

Many will undoubtedly recall how a Mossad squad hunted down all 11 Germans who took part in the massacre of the Israels athletes during the ill-fated 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Israels new threat will therefore get the respect it deserves. Most scientists are likely to flee Iran – they know we can and will make it happen.

The death of a few hundred of our deadly enemies cannot stand comparison to the genocide another six million of our people ”“ the publicly announced intention of the satanic Iranian Hitler.

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