“Proportionality in war
is not a Jewish notion”

says Peter Jenkins, former British Diplomat.

By Jock L. Falkson

The allegation by Peter Jenkins, that “proportionality in war is not a Jewish notion” is nonsense. (Jerusalem Post 11,2, 2012”)

Expanding on his theme he claims that “Israelis dont practice an eye for an eye ... they practice 10 eyes for an eye ...” Moreover he avows “that a just war requires the use of force to be proportionate seems to be a Christian notion, not a Jewish notion”. Wow!<br><br> Having made his point so forcefully, it is surely amazing he cannot see that it is only because Israels response has been too moderate that Gazan Arabs continued to rain down thousands of missiles and mortar fire on us for so long.

Had Israel used Jenkins10 to 1 formula, the Arabs today would have been peacefully tending their flocks, farms and businesses. Instead they were content to absorb Israels low level response and to continue their missile attacks.

Except in instances of surprise attack, victory as a rule always requires disproportionate force. Proportionate force only leads to stalemate.

Thats how come the Arabs continued to ratchet up the number of missiles and mortars they fired on us. Clear proof that Israels response was far too muted.

Jenkins seems to have forgotten that it was only the disproportionate Allied war campaign which finally ground Germany into the dust in the last year of WW11.

He certainly overlooks the fact that USA only overpowered Japan by responding tens of thousands to one when it dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How about that for Christian compassion?

Allow me also to remind Jenkins of the US led war on the Iraqis in 2003. Youll recall the “Shock and Awe” tactic which the US and its Christian allies unleashed on the Iraqis from the air. Their strategy was to totally defeat the Iraqis and to crush their ability to respond by unleashing crushing, unexpected force that would grind them into the dust. Christian compassion played no part whatever in their war plan as evidenced by the casualty figures: the Iraqis lost 100,000 killed; the Americans some 4,500. There ever been any compassion in any war in which Christians have been involved.<BR><BR> I wonder how Jenkins would respond to a reminder that compassionate Christians have a bitter history of Jewish massacre that makes the word disproportionate totally inadequate if not totally ridiculous. <br><br> He cannot be unaware of the church initiated inquisitions in Europe, the Crusades, the pogroms in Russia at Easter time, the massacres in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Surely he must know about some of the many episodes where Jews were herded into their synagogues like animals - and burned to death? Can he be unaware of the horrific German genocide of six million defenseless Jews during and after the Second World War, of whom one and a half million were children for Gods sake?

But back to the present. Can Jenkins be ignorant of the fact that Israel`s defense force does not practice disproportionate warfare at all. Unlike the Arab enemy whose aim is to kill as many Jewish civilians as possible, Israel goes out its way to warn enemy civilians to flee areas containing military targets they intend to bomb.

How does Israel do this? By dropping warning leaflets and making mass phone calls (would you believe), to urge the civilians to move to safe areas because its air force intends to bomb specific targets near where they live? And that they could get hurt if they remained. I have no wish to rub this in but if Jenkins the diplomat is ignorant of Israels policy, he must represent a huge number of people who also dont know that Israel`s air force is the most considerate the world has ever known.

I ask him: how many Jews did Christian Europe kill in the last 1,000 years? How many Christians did Jews kill?

Jenkins has shown himself to be a bigoted ignoramus in matters of Israels culture and history. He denies hes an anti-Semite. C’mon, of course he is – as low down as they come!

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