Jewish Enemies of Israel

Prompted by the recent Israel Apartheid Week

The Anti-Israel Professors

I suppose we`ll never know their exact numbers. Nevertheless, many are highly educated academics. Professors who command respect for their primary interests. One of their secondary interests however, campaigning against Israel and for the Palestinians, pains us deeply.

While we have some handfuls in Israel itself, most of our Jewish enemies live and work abroad. They don`t hesitate to exploit their teaching positions to spread their anti-Israel mission among their students and faculty members.

They get strong mainstream media attention because it makes for drama when Jews ”“ especially the highly educated – attack other Jews for the practice of apartheid, no less.

They Accuse Israel of Apartheid?

By now the western world has come to understand that Muslim enmity for Jews and Christians – and other infidels – is Koran based and Arab cultured. Consequently Muslim enmity is virtually understood as natural, and expected.

But when reputable Jewish Professors of the caliber of Steven and Jacqueline Rose, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Tony Judt, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt, Michael Neumann, Marc Ellis, Joel Kovel ”“ and more than a hundred others – spew their enmity against Israel, the media can`t get enough of this “exotic” Jew vs. Jew performance.

Not A Holy Cow

Most professors justify their position by insisting that Israel is not a holy cow immune to criticism. Their pro-Palestinian support is demonstrated by anti-Israel apartheid accusations presented in what they believe is fair and balanced.

The professors justify their criticism saying they are not attacking Jews, ergo they are not anti-Semitic. But this is nonsense. For whatever Israel does or does not do, is done by Israelis, the majority of whom are Jews. The state itself cannot think, or do; only people can.

Who Are The Real Apartheid Sinners?

The charge that Israel is carrying out hateful apartheid practices against the Palestinians is particularly cruel. Because Israelis are intrinsically anti-apartheid whereas the Palestinians are practitioners of apartheid, nationally, theologically and culturally. Items:

Ӣ Palestinians don`t want Jews in their midst. They intend their land to be Jew-free. It should not surprise the professors that a Palestinian state is certain to be Judenrein. Items:

Ӣ The Palestinian street clamors for a non-Jewish Israel. The Arabs don`t try to hide their apartheid culture. Their aspiration is not for two states living side by side. They want it all and to hell with the Jews.

Ӣ Did you know it`s a crime for a Palestinian to sell land to a Jew? Punishable by death? Yes, even though the Palestinians are not yet a sovereign nation they have already executed many Palestians who sold their land to Jews.

If that isn`t apartheid professors, what is? How about some righteous anger directed against the Palestinians for racial barbarism?

Ӣ Arab culture and theology is sated with apartheid philosophy and practice. Thats the harsh lesson Jews and Christians have finally learned. Its a case of convert or be killed. Or be thankful they let you live Рprovided you pay the Dhimmi`s Jezya (poll tax) and forever accept your status as second class residents. Never as citizens.

Ӣ Did you know that the evidence of a Moslem trumps that of a Jew? That Jews are not equal under Shariah law? Should we be surprised that the Jewish academic enemies of Israel have never campaigned for the equal rights of Jews still living in Arab countries?

Ӣ Did you know that Arab citizens always had equal rights in Israel? Thatright. Israels Arab citizens (now 1.3 million strong) have had equal rights from day one of Israels existence. Its there for all to see in Israel`s democratic founding charter.

Ӣ Did you know Palestinians have been persecuting Christians in Bethlehem?

Evidence from a Christian Arab

In his article “Exodus from Bethlehem” in World Net Daily of December 22, 2006, Joseph Farah relates what happened to the once Christian city of Bethlehem. “In I948,” he writes, “Bethlehem was more than 90 percent Christian.” By 2005 Christians were down to 35 percent. By 2006 it was further denuded to 12% of its population of 60,000 Arab residents.

He quotes a Bethlehem Christian community leader: “Since they (the Israelis) left the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority has waged a jihad against the Christian community, raping women, extorting businessmen, lynching “collaborators” and seizing homes.”

“All this talk about Israel driving Christians out and causing pain is nonsense. You want to know what is at play here, just come throughout the year and see the intimidation from the Muslims.”

“They have burned down our stores, built mosques in front of our churches, stole our real estate and took away our rights. Women have been raped and abducted. So don’t tell me about Israel. It’s the Muslims.”

Its your Palestinian pals, professors, whose openly hostile racial apartheid awaits your investigation and castigation. Why not talk to the remaining Christians in Bethlehem . . . before theyre all gone?

Allow me also to refer you to my January 2006 article “An Apartheid State? The Greatest Lie Ever Told?” You’ll find it listed in this blog in the ‘Apartheid Libel’ Category. In this article I list the 16 practical applications of South African apartheid. Not one, repeat, not one is applicable to non-apartheid, freedom loving, democratic living, Israel!

Ah! But What About The Apartheid Wall?

If your home has been repeatedly burgled, your wife raped and murdered by merciless hooded jihadists, your children brutalized by machine gun toting terrorists . . . would you not build a wall around your home to keep the terrorist criminals from perpetrating the next tragedy?

Israel`s anti-terrorist barrier was erected to prevent the murderers continuing their barbaric terrorism. It was absolutely justified: 99 percent of subsequent suicide attackers and other Palestinian terrorists were stopped in their tracks.

To compare the saving of Jewish life and limb to the frustration or inconvenience of Palestinians being late for appointments due to search procedures at crossing points, is ridiculous. To describe these as akin to South African apartheid is an inversion of truth. For there never was a separation wall in South Africa because there never was black on white terrorism.

Of course you might not know it since the media only show you images of Israels wall. But not everything you see is true. For the wall you see is actually 95 percent wire fence! The Palestinians “separation wall” is nothing but lying propaganda. Its a security barrier, designed to keep Palestinian suicide bombers and other terrorists out. And its doing a hell of a fine job at that, thank goodness.

Since year 2000 Israel experienced a wave of Palestinian terrorist atrocities against its citizens. 22 Suicide bombs and over 9,500 violent attacks killed more than 900 innocents. It injured and traumatized thousands, many for life. I don’t recall the professors ever protesting once. Such is their enmity for Jews in Israel. Such is the depth of their warmth and regard for Palestinian terrorists.

All attacks were initiated from Palestinian areas, using men, women and children to blow up Jews in Israel. One consequence of this relentless hatred is that Israel has been forced to employ over 50,000 security guards. Israelis are searched for weaponry at virtually every public entrance every time they enter.

The Appalling Cost of Airline Security

Palestinian terrorism aimed at Israel’s national airline El Al in the early 1970s compelled Israel to take stringent security measures. Most every boarding passenger is questioned and many are individually searched. This includes detailed luggage individual inspections to ensure that everyone who boards an Israeli aircraft traveling from Tel Aviv is ”˜clean.

Every flight also carries Israeli marshals to prevent hijacking. Additional measures are taken to prevent ground fired missiles bringing down planes taking off.

Think of it – over 9 million passengers passed through Israeli airports in 2006! The cost of Israel`s safety measures – for which Palestinian terrorists are solely responsible ”“ must be truly horrendous.

With such large numbers on the one hand and tight airport schedules on the other there are bound to be instances of annoyance, indignity and frustrations.

Arab passengers frequently moan about these situations and use them to generate anti-Israel PR in the media. Stories praising Israeli lifesaving methods lose out by more than 100 to one. Can you recall the last time mainstream media reminded readers, viewers and listeners that Palestinian terrorists were and are totally responsible for Israel`s essential security measures?

I for one am ever so thankful Arab passengers are given the once over sometimes twice and three times. Despite media criticism, racial profiling was never more justified.

Jewish Enemies Target The Jewish State

If they were genuinely interested in dismantling regimes which practice apartheid the professors would have no alternative to denouncing the Palestinians who are chain-bound to both racial and sexual apartheid. As is the case in all 22 states of the Arab League.

But that is quite unlikely. For the professors have swallowed the Palestinian narrative hook line and sinker. If finally compelled by common sense to drop Israel`s alleged apartheid from their hate agenda, there are other issues they will press. For it is the very existence of the Jewish State itself which they can’t abide.

Isn’t that why they have no history of agitation against the real thing – South African apartheid?

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Another Take On The Apartheid Accusation.

Insights from Muslim writer Irshad Manji.

ӢWould an apartheid state have several Arab political parties, as Israel does?

ӢWould the vast majority of Arab Israeli citizens turn out to vote in national elections, as they`ve usually done?

Ӣ Would an apartheid state award its top literary prize to an Arab?

Ӣ Would road signs throughout the land appear in both languages?

Ӣ Would an apartheid state be home to universities where Arabs and Jews mingle at will,
or apartment blocks where they live side by side?

Ӣ Would an apartheid state bestow benefits and legal protections on Palestinians who live outside of >Israel but work inside its borders?

Ӣ Would human rights organizations operate openly in an apartheid state?

Ӣ Would a Hebrew newspaper in an apartheid state run an article by an Arab Israeli about why
the Zionist adventure has been a total failure?

Ӣ Would an apartheid state ensure conditions for the freest Arabic press in the Middle East

”¢ The late Edward Said, stated flat out that “Israel is not South Africa”.

Ӣ As a Muslim, I could become a citizen of Israel without having to convert.

Read Manji`s full article in The Australian, 09.02.07:
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For more information and relevant content on what Jewish friendly academics are doing in Britain to stop the boycott, permit me to recommend ; and Engage:

[July 20, 2007]

6 Responses to “Jewish Enemies of Israel”

  1. Max Says:

    This is a masterpiece! These self-hating Jewish Academics our worst enemies and should be shunned like the Naturei Karta outcasts. I have forwarded to my special list.

  2. Al, Canada Says:

    Excellent analysis, Jock.
    I really think we are dealing with a mental illness. Why? First, the “reality” in which these traitors operate is completely unsupported by any empirical evidence, as you point out. Second, they voluntarily make decisions and take positions that are consistently antithetical to their own best interests and the interests of their families. Is this not what characterizes the behaviour of delusional people?

    However, even if they are mentally ill, they must be crushed, and your idea of a website focused on outing these vermin is an excellent idea. It will take a lot of manpower to counter every bit of toxic fantasy that they put out.

    Great idea!

  3. Dr. Irene Lancaster, Israel Says:

    I now live in Israel, having emigrated here six months ago and can confirm that Arabs in Haifa and surrounds enjoy full rights and are prominent at the head of top professions, including academia, law, medicine and social work.

  4. Yaacov Levi, Israel Says:

    The only true apartheid states today are all Islamic, led by Saudi Arabia.

  5. James Mendelsohn, Leeds Says:

    For more on the Jewish enemies of Israel, I recommend the excellent book, The Jewish Divide over Israel, edited by Paul Bogdanor and Edward Alexander. More details available at the equally excellent

  6. Phil Dragoo Says:

    The best medicine for this kind of crap is knowing history. A great and powerful capsule is the book I`m reading Londonistan. A strange puke was just on the morning AM radio show here for a half hour saying all kinds of things like Israel is just like any other state, was formed against opposition by many Jews, should be allowed to just go away ”“ the host was not impressed. Exposing this crap is the cold water treatment”“melts these fools like the wicked witch in Wizard of Oz. No way will Israel be deserted by the U.S. despite the lies of the Left and the media. March 04, 2007