Response to Prof. Naomi Chazan

April 26, 2007

The Editor

The Jerusalem Post


Prof. Naomi Chazan tackled a very sensitive subject last week in her ”˜Critical Comments` column, headlined “Make the trade”. Ms. Chazan supports exchanging our captive soldier, Gilad Schalit, for a large number of Palestinian terrorists.

Allow me to wonder if she would continue to hold to the same strong logic expressed in her article if one of the released terrorists killed her husband and children (and others) who were enjoying afternoon coffee in a Jerusalem street cafe?

Or if something equally horrendous happened to a family in her immediate neighborhood. Would she have the courage of her convictions to attend shivah? What would she say in expressing her condolences?

Must something like this actually happen for her to understand the folly of releasing terrorists and accomplices?


Jock L. Falkson

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