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  1. Why I Won`t Talk To The BBC
    By Douglas Davis

    Saturday, May 25th, 2002

    “But it was not just the lamentable standards of journalism. I parted company with the BBC over its hysterical advocacy of the most extreme Palestinian positions; an advocacy that has now transmogrified into a distorting hatred of a criminal Israel and, by extension, into a burgeoning hatred of Jews closer to home.”

  2. Why CNN, BBC and SKY call Palestinian terrorists “gunmen”

    Wednesday, May 1st, 2002

    “Why did CNN use ”˜gunmeninstead of ”˜terrorists which the Army spokesman used? The only explanation can be CNN policy which forbids its editors, journalists and anchors to apply the word “terrorists” to Palestinian murderers, trained, indoctrinated and financed to kill Jews. How come altering the words of the Israel Defense Force`s spokesman does not trouble CNN professionals?”