Jenin, The Massacre That Never Was.

June 2, 2002

Whenever I see discredited liar, Saeb Erekat, given more airtime to expound the Palestinian “truth” about a so called Israeli calumny, I recall a particular CNN broadcast in April, during the height of the sound and fury which followed the alleged Jenin massacre.

There was Erekat telling the world that Israel had massacred over 500 innocent, defenseless Arabs. Grilled by CNNs disbelieving anchor Bill Hemmer, he didnt budge from this outrageous lie. Here is a quote from Honest Reporting which published a transcript:

Erekat`s “absolutely”

“ . . . when Palestinian spokesman Saeb Erekat claimed that 500 Palestinians were massacred in Jenin, (CNNs) Atlanta-based anchor Bill Hemmer demanded to see proof, and challenged him: ”˜If [Israel's] numbers are right and your initial numbers are wrong, will you come back here on our network and retract what you said? ” Erekat replied: “Absolutely.”

Relying on public`s short memory

That “absolutely” continues to ring in my mind. For of course Erekat did not come back to CNN to retract his evil lie. Despite his Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies from Bradford University, Erekat is a consummate propagandist who never apologizes in public for lying. He relies on the public`s short memory to forget such details. And in general this seems to work very well for him.

So the apology promised to Bill Hemmer never happened. Palestinian propagandists never apologize for misleading both the news media and the public. They rely on our short memories. It doesn`t take all that long for the public to forget.

UN Reports ”˜No Evidence of Alleged Massacre`

Late in April the UN released its report on Israels military incursion into Jenin. It documented 52 Palestinian deaths (30 militants, 22 civilians, and 23 Israeli soldiers). It concluded there was no evidence whatever of a Palestinian massacre. (Israels figures were 52 killed (38 armed men, 14 civilians.)

As far as lying goes this 10 to 1 exaggeration was in a class all its own. The liars were the Palestinians and Erekat in the first instance; Prof. Derrick Pounder and Amnesty in the second – supported by the BBC. While CNN evinced disbelief in Erkats numbers, BBC went along dutifully. (By ”˜dutifully I wish to infer that where the Palestine-Israel conflict is concerned, BBC generally slants things the Palestinian way.)

Its not news that Palestinian propagandists dont apologize when caught out by their lies. Getting in first with lies brings them worthwhile PR rewards ”“ at the expense of Israel`s slow moving truth.

Peace talks with a liar?

Honest folk who make mistakes have no such problems. Apologies are offered at the earliest opportunity. Israel has demonstrated this, with suitable expressions of regret, when correct to do so.

To think that this accomplished liar will continue to represent the Palestinian Authority at peace negotiations is an affront to President Bush and to those in his coalition who are pressing for Palestinian regime change. Not the least to Israel which might be required to talk peace with him face to face.

Always ready to believe the worst of the Israelis.
And the best of the Palestinians.

Still in hot pursuit of the massacre that never was the BBC aired this “authoritative” scoop on April 18:

“A British forensic expert who has gained access to the West Bank city of Jenin says evidence points to a massacre by Israeli forces. BBC must get their dig in. Here they say “gains” access, as if he had to do this illegally or dangerously. (In the next sentence however, we find that Israel had granted him access.)

“Prof Derrick Pounder, who is part of an Amnesty International team granted access to Jenin, said he has seen bodies lying in the streets and received eyewitness accounts of civilian deaths.”

“The truth will come out” – Pounder”

The Dundee University expert said the Amnesty investigation has only just begun but Palestinian claims of a massacre were gaining foundation as the team continued its analysis. Pounder said: “The truth will come out, as it has come out in Bosnia and Kosovo, as it has in other places where we’ve had these kinds of allegations.” Prof. Pounder doesn`t hesitate to lay the truth on the side of the Palestinians. But Pounder lied, as it became clear when the UN counted the bodies.

The allegations are truthful, said Pounder

“ I must say that the evidence before us at the moment doesn’t lead us to believe that the allegations are anything other than truthful and that therefore there are large numbers of civilian dead underneath these bulldozed and bombed ruins that we see.”

“The Dundee University expert said the Amnesty investigation has only just begun but Palestinian claims of a massacre were gaining foundation as the team continued its analysis.” (My italics.) Amnesty`s report, quoting Derrick Pounder, its authoritative scientist, provided evidence ”“ not rumor – of a genuine massacre.

This can only mean that the number of bodies already counted should have been far more than Israels estimates of 50 to 56. As lying goes this one ”“ from a respected university scientist - was as bad as Erekats.

Where`s the apology?

Did BBC ever apologize for the daily Jenin blackening of Israel, until Israel`s truth was finally and undeniably confirmed? Nor did the malevolent, malice-aforethought Pounder apologize.

This pretentious expert must be required to apologize, publicly, for his blatant lie. Or be consigned by his university to a well-deserved oblivion. His continued employment as an Amnesty investigator is also untenable.

Has BBC learned a lesson they will never forget?

Thatll be the frosty Friday. The only lesson they learned was they can continue to quote lie after Palestinian lie with impunity. Sadly, the BBC would rather propagate Palestinian lies than Israels truth. Should you research the massacre that never was you will be sickened by the plethora of plainly anti-Semitic reports that played out in British media.

The BBC may not be aware of it but the fact is it is helping to spread anti-Semitism not only in the UK but throughout the world.

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