Israel`s Demographic Danger.
A Democratic Solution

December 4, 2003

Would You Take Your Intended Murderers Into Your Home?

😯 Percent of the so called refugees were born in neighboring Arab states and have never lived in Israel. For another these “refugees” and their children have been exposed to an unremitting, mind bending program of anti Jewish/Zionist hatred, with our obliteration as their final solution. There is no way the Jewish State can accept such persons into its bosom. It cannot, must not and will not happen.

There is however, a further real danger. It arises from questioning the legitimacy of Israel. Suddenly a two state solution is no longer good enough. Calls are now heard for a one state solution – a state of all its citizens. This would lead to the end of the Jewish majority, effectively eliminating the Jewish State.

Devising An Effective Strategy

It behooves Jews inside and outside Israel not to be passive about the intended delegitimation of the Jewish State. We must not permit it to succeed. We must devise a strategy to prevent militant Islam and anti-Semites everywhere from endangering the sovereignty of our Jewish State. (Anti-Semites are to be found in countries which don`t even have Jews. Like Japan.)

Democratic Measures Preferred

As far as possible Israel should undertake democratic measures to prevent the Arabs achieving by the ballot what they were unable to win by war. Finally, if necessary, we should not hesitate to use non-democratic means.

Self interest as practiced by all nations must be practiced by the Jewish Nation too. Self interest is not the crime ”“ committing national suicide is.

Here are some thoughts on what we might do to avoid becoming a sitting duck.

Reaffirm Israel as The Jewish State

Although Ben Gurion and the founding fathers defined Israel as The Jewish State in its charter, the Jewish aspect did not become an official part of the name. This is now necessary and it`s time to redress this error.

We need to make it clear to the world that we live in Israel, The Jewish State. This terminology should be applied in our embassies, consulates, airlines; on government stationery, buildings, postage stamps, passports, the lot.

Finger Enemies of The Jewish State

Introduce a law to declare certain persons ”˜Enemies of The Jewish State`. This law should target murderers and terrorists, their accomplices, harborers and aiders, before and after the commission of terrorist or other anti state crimes. All would be penalized with loss of civic rights in addition to the prison terms required by existing laws.

Declaring Someone an Enemy of The Jewish State

The Minister of the Interior should have the right to declare a detained person an ”˜Enemy of The Jewish State` even if he has not been charged.

Such offenders would be persons who preach, publicly voice, or disseminate tracts and publications which inculcate or incite hatred of Jews or the Jewish State. Or who dishonor the flag of the State by burning.

Loss of Civic Rights

A law should be introduced to require judges to sentence certain types of offenders with the loss of civic rights. This would entail loss of the right to vote in national and local elections. All personal and welfare allowances and that portion of pensions paid by government out of taxpayer`s contributions, would be stopped.

Abandon Proportional Voting in Favor of Constituency Representation

The greatest danger to Israel is the Arab minority. For although we have some anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist Jews, they are but a handful. Even if their numbers increase tthey will never become a majority.

It is Muslim cohesiveness that we need to fear. For too many Israeli Arabs align themselves with our inimical Arab neighbors, whose ideology to exterminate the Jews and obliterate Israel from the map of the world, remains entrenched.

Ensuring Continuity Of The Jewish State

The danger Israel must internalize and prevent is proportional representation in a situation where Arab natural growth begins to outnumber Jews.

Israel has a natural right to ensure its continuity. Constituent representation provides the best solution on our horizon at this time. It would be the function of a Re-districting Commission to ensure constituent representation that favors a majority of Jewish members always.

It is true democratic Jews may have some reluctance about this method of ensuring the continuity of the Jewish State. But this argument pales into limbo in comparison with the Judenrein policy of the Arab states. Especially that of the proposed Palestinian state.

Brief Items:

  1. “Land Day” celebrations and marches should be abolished. Celebrants should lose civic rights.

  2. Arsonists who set fire to forests should be deprived of civic rights.

  3. Possession of any weapons except pistols should lead to the loss of civic rights.

  4. Consorting with citizens of a state still at war with Israel should lead to loss of civic rights.

  5. Citizens who do not serve in the Army, or who refuse to serve in the reserves for any reason should lose their civic rights.

  6. Non citizens who complete army service should be offered citizenship for themselves and their families.

  7. Citizenship should not be automatic for non-Jews. A naturalization procedure for non-Jewish residents should be established.

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