What will Arabs do if they don`t sell their oil?

April 6, 2010

The Editor, The Jerusalem Post.


The Arabs fought us 3 times in the past 62 years and lost each time. They had three war aims. One, to push us into the sea or into mass graves. Two, to increase the size of their territories. Three to wipe Israel off the map of the world.

Genocide was their master plan and they made no bones about it. But they were frustrated each time because we fought back and beat them.

So now they want to claim the spoils of their war losses by demanding that we return the land we conquered. And though we are willing to talk to them they cannot abide talking to us.

In civilized societies criminals guilty of breaking the law are fined or imprisoned, or both. Our enemies did us wrong and deserve to be punished. But Arab nations don`t see it that way at all – they want punish us for their wrongdoing!

The nations of the world who believe in this remarkable value system are patting them on the back and encouraging them to stick to their guns. Because where Arab oil is concerned they win right or wrong. And tough cookie for Israel.

Though what the Arabs will do for money if they don`t sell their oil beats me.


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