Israel`s Humanity in War on Hamas

January 3, 2009

It is difficult to make proper sense of Arab and anti-Jewish journalists attacks on Israel for “the crime of deliberately targeting Palestinian civilians” in its war on Hamas.

Were this Israel`s real intention Israel could easily have killed thousands of civilians. Not merely the 60 plus Palestinians claim to have lost (at this time of writing).

Palestinians claim 60-70 dead civilians.This, despite the fact that Israel has brought down hundreds of buildings in some 700 sorties during the first 7 days of the War on Hamas. To have killed one civilian for every 10 bombing sorties is absolute proof that Palestinian civilians were never targeted. Clearly Israel must have taken extraordinary precautions to have killed so few people.

In any case, Hamas` figure of over 60 civilians killed is suspect. Has any TV viewer seen a woman in her long black dress or distinctive head covering being bundled into a car or ambulance? Or being wheeled into a hospital? Or being taken out for burial?

While it is true that Hamas has not killed anywhere near the number Israel has, this is not because Hamas has no such war aim. The sole reason they have not succeeded is plainly that they have not yet perfected the accuracy of their missiles. They would be overjoyed if even one rocket killed 10 or 20 of us. They would be over the moon if every rocket did so. For the Hamas objective is to kill, kill, kill as many Israeli civilians as possible.

Hamas has clarified its intention to target Israels civilians in the most remarkable way. For while Israeli tanks and soldiers were massed on Gazas borders, within easy range of Hamas rockets, not one missile was fired in their direction! Hamas missiles were only aimed at Israel`s civilian population.

By way of comparison, Israel`s concern for the welfare of Palestinian civilians is clear. History has known no other war in which one of the parties . . .

”¢ *provides complete medical services and hospitalization for the enemy’s seriously wounded

Ӣ *supplies medicines and food to sustain the enemy`s sick and the hungry

Ӣ *permits aid consignments from donors to be transported through Israel to Hamas ruled Gaza

Ӣ *warns civilians to get out of the areas it intends to bomb

Ӣ *telephones civilians in neighborhoods where one or more targets are to be bombed, to urge them to leave quickly

Ӣ *supplies gasoline and electricity to its enemy

Ӣ *supplied huge sums of cash currency (coins and notes) when a dire shortage threatened their economy

Ӣ *saved the lives of weapons` smugglers in a just exploded tunnel Рand gave them first aid!

Israel does not receive the slightest credit from most world leaders for her humane activities, unheard of during a time of war. Not one of these countries so critical of Israel did anything decent for their enemies’ civilians when they made war. These leaders have the gall to unashamedly support the Hamas terrorist government. Not only in words but in deeds: they pour funds into Hamas` educational programs which teach Jew-hatred and genocide.

They uphold the Hamas terrorist organization whose declared intention (rooted in religion and ideology) is to exterminate all Jews living in Israel and to destroy the Jewish State.

Israel`s declared intention is to live in peace. {} {} {}

Jock`s Note on

Effect of Hamas Rockets on Israeli Civilians:

I would like to draw attention to Evelyn Gordons description of what its like for Israels civilians to be under constant rocket fire. In her weekly ”˜Civil Rights column in the Jerusalem Post Jan. 3, 2009), entitled “A PR campaign that is three years too late”, Gordon writes:

“It is very difficult for people who have not experienced life under constant missile fire – namely, most of the world – to understand just how debilitating it is. They look at the statistics, see that six years of rocket and mortar attacks have killed relatively few people and think “no big deal.”

“They cannot imagine what it is like to never have an unbroken night of sleep, since even on nights without rockets, the constant anticipation of an alert disrupts slumber; to never go to the supermarket or send your children out to play without fear; to see your ability to earn a living vanish as large corporations leave town and small businesses collapse for lack of customers, since fear of being caught outdoors by a rocket keeps people at home.

“Even if you brandish statistics that never make the foreign media – like the fact that in Sderot, 28 percent of adults and 30% of children suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and more than 75% of children display some symptoms of post-traumatic stress – it makes little impression. Most people can imagine death, but they cannot imagine the slow erosion of life with a PTSD child who refuses to leave home for fear of rockets.”

Link to Gordon’s excellent article:

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