End game?

By Prof. Jack Cohen
Visiting Professor at Hebrew University Jerusalem
June 25, 2009

There seems to be a common misperception that a “peace process” will end in “the two state solution,” with a Palestinian State, that will then bring an end to the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs. This is pure pie in the sky, wishful thinking of the first order. For the Palestinians this will merely be a stage in their strategy to destroy the Jewish State. This is why PM Netanyahu is insisting that any such State be demilitarized and not be able to make pacts with other enemy states such as Iran and Syria.

In Kfar Etzion, one of the two Jewish settlements that were captured by the Arabs in 1948, they destroyed the whole place down to the foundations and even uprooted all the trees. This is the pattern of Palestinian reaction if it gets its hands on any Jewish/Israeli facility. Many people assumed that when Israel withdrew completely from Gaza in 2005, that would usher in a period of peaceful coexistence.

A group of wealthy liberal American Jews, believing this nonsense, actually spent $14m to buy the facilities of the Jewish settlers in order to hand them over to the Palestinians so that they could have factories and jobs (after all the Jews managed to make a good living there). But, what happened, the Palestinians smashed everything in sight, including the glasshouses that could have been growing produce to feed themselves and sell exports. What a waste! I am not making this up, it is a matter of record, it is irrational and self-defeating, but they always manage to shoot themselves in the foot.

During WWI and WWII Britain had a blockade of Germany, and in WWII the US had a blockade of Japan, this is common in war. Yet, many liberals, Jews and non-Jews, think Israel should supply Gaza with essential goods (food, medicine, oil, etc.) even though Hamas considers itself at war with us. The only reason that the entry of supplies to Gaza is stopped is when they periodically attack our forces guarding the terminals that feed them. Except for now, when a group of private citizens formed a “Save Gilad Shalit” Committee, and are preventing trucks from entering the three main crossings into Gaza. And who is clearing the blockade, the IDF. Now isn’t that illogical.

Other examples of anti-Israel violence are the joint industrial sites built between Gaza and Israel (Erez) and the West Bank and Israel (Kalandia), where Palestinians were employed. During the intifada they attacked and destroyed most of these facilities, and killed several of the Israelis working there. There is an inescapable conclusion that the Palestinians are motivated by an irrational hatred of Jews and Israel, and this has nothing to do with what the Israelis have done to them, or the so-called “occupation,” witness the massacres of Jews in Hebron in 1929 and in Jerusalem in 1948.

One assumption of the “two state solution” is that the PA is led by “moderates” such as Pres Abbas, who are ready to make peace with Israel. Both Pres. Mubarak of Egypt and Quartet emissary Tony Blair last week stated optimistically that a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians could be signed “in a year (or two).” However, this is false optimism purely for political purposes. Pres. Abbas controls the Mukata Compound in Ramallah, and practically nothing beyond that. The US, UK and EU, with Israeli approval, is helping the PA to develop a police force to “pacify” the cities that are within the PA. But, in fact, the PA’s control over these forces is nominal, they only operate during daytime and they have never come up against armed Hamas or even Fatah terrorist gangs. If they ever do they will desert or be decimated. It is illusory for Israel to make any kind of agreement with Abbas, it would not be worth the paper it is printed on.

So whichever way you look at it, there will be no real peace process and no agreement, not in one year and not in ten years, at least not until the hatred that the Palestinians have for the Jews is dissipated. There is no “end game” in sight.

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3 Responses to “End game?”

  1. Ffrank Adam London Says:

    OUR political problem is for Israel to be seen to let the Arabs hang themselves in their own rope without the Arabs doing undue damage to Israel first. Arab obstinacy did for them since 1937 but unfortunately the war has cost Israel just under its roads casualty bill in dead and wounded since1948. That has been paid for and replaced in coldblooded stats and I do not see Israel having to pay with 1% of its population again. She is just too strong. Even if the Arabs pile in rockets or no rockets they will lose and Israel win – Yom Kippur ’73 cost 1 per mil: 1%o – for one a showdown will be an excuse to stop food & fuel and water and electricity to Gaza and the West Bank and rocket them. Quite bluntly it would be a “wheeze” to wink at border settlements rocketing Gaza sevenfold every time the Gazans rocket Israel.

    Nevertheless the politics matters for small country faced with big country disapproval and an enemy with a lot of friends. Quite bluntly Israel has to now point the way to be independent of the petro-blackmail and petro-dollar then the World will gladly dump the petro-sheikhs back in their deserts. As Churchill told Rooosevelt,”The Persian Gulf is the arsehole of the World and Basra is 80 miles up it.” That means building not only solar panels on buildings but Zaslavsky Towers in the Arava and the Shephela to create electricity and distil water and extract Hydrogen for vehicle fuel. Then perhaps Australia, California,Chile and Mexico will follow.

  2. Gerry Dinerman Says:

    As “Yes Sir” Arafart explained to the Washington, DC National Press Club audience, back in 1997, “The Peace process is a strategy, (pause) a “sstraattegy.” [he stammered quite a bit when he was excited.]


    p>On many occasions he’s also explained, “the only way there will be peace, (pause) is if it will be imposed on both parties.” Too bad Israel only hears what it wants to hear and disregards reality!

  3. Bernie Suskin Johannesburg Says:


    p>I for one agree 120% with what is written. I personally believe there is no difference between the Fatah and Hamas` “end game”. The total destruction of Israel and the creation of an Islamic state. They are playing what the Americans call “good cop, bad cop”! There are individual Arabs who are really very good people but they have no influence when it comes to the Islamic aim of creating the bigger, uninterrupted, Muslim world with a view to a takeover of the western world.