The Hamas Victory That Never Was

September 18, 2005

In a videotape circulated by Hamas last week, arch terrorist Mohammed Deif vowed that Israel’s departure from Gaza would mean more of the same. I quote:

“Today you leave Gaza in humiliation,” he taunted the Israelis. “You are leaving hell. We promise that tomorrow, with Allah’s help,all of Palestine will be hell for you.”

The Lies They Tell

Terrorist leader Mohammed Deif is by no means the first to lay claim that Hamas (operating under protection of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority) was responsible for Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza. But he certainly won’t be the last to claim the “benefits” from this lie.

Palestinian culture is immersed in many such lies

  • From the “apartheid” lie to the lie that “their nationhood had existed since time immemorial” -instead of a mere six decades.
    • From the lie that Jerusalem must be regained as their capital when they never had a capital city of any kind.
    • From the lie of the non-existent massacre at Jenin to the lie of the staged killing of Mohammed al Dura.
  • From the lie of “occupation” of their territory whereas no Palestinian sovereignty ever existed.

    From the lie of “the right of return” for millions of their “refugees”- most born in foreign lands. How can you be a refugee from a country you never lived in?

    These and many other lies were dreamed up to bolster pride in their peoplehood during their few decades of genuine history. Lies, but lethal all the same.

    One day someone will write an anthology of this nation’s lies. Not because the author can hope to reform Palestinian culture, but because the book might shame some nations which fell for Palestinian lies hook, line and stinker.

Responsible For Killing Hundreds Of Israelis

The latest stinker comes from Mohammed Deif – Hamas terrorist leader, planner and executioner responsible for the killing of hundreds of Israeli civilians. Men, women, teens, children and babies. He was lucky to elude capture and targeting by Israel for the past few years.

This bold “fighter” was forced to spend much of his time in hiding. He was afraid to sleep twice in the same house. He dared not show himself in public. He no longer had the privilege of living a normal life, nor should he, this professional murderer of Jewish women, children and babes.

Like all Palestinian leaders from Arafat down, Deif is an accomplished liar. He too clearly understands the PR power of the big lie. That much is clear from his trumpeting of “today you are leaving hell”.

Defending The Gush Katif Paradise

A “hell’ Hamas created? Hell no. On the contrary, the world was treated to two weeks of unedited TV images of Jews in the Gaza Strip vigorously protesting and demonstrating against the Israel government’s disengagement operation. The world also witnessed hundreds of thousands of Jews demonstrating in Tel Aviv and other cities against the “disengagement”.

Viewers must have been amazed to see the strong fight put up by evacuees resisting the overwhelming forces mobilized by Prime Minister Sharon to forcibly evacuate them.

The police and Israel Defense Forces outnumbered the struggling residents and protesters more than four to one. Yet the struggle of the Jews of Gush Katif to resist evacuation and to continue their near idyllic lifestyle was unending. Finally the last one was reluctantly taken to a waiting bus.

Deif too was witness to these remarkable scenes. Yet his ingrained Hamas hatred for every Jew does not permit him to resist the lie that the social, economic and agricultural paradise created by Katif’s residents over 30 years was a “hell” on earth.

Nothing Hamas did forced Katif residents out

Overwhelming TV evidence to the contrary, Hamas leaders have the gall to claim credit for the Jews having to “flee” Gush Katif. Despite hours of TV clips showing residents pleading to be left in their homes and communities. Many indeed argued they would defend themselves and their families even without the protection of the Israel Defense Forces.

Such was the “fear” of the Jews of Katif for the so called “fearsome” Hamas. Whereas in truth nothing Hamas and other terrorists did over 37 years prevented the growth and prosperity of their magnificent agricultural achievements, built on the sand dunes of Gush Katif.

Till Hell Freezes Over

Palestinian terrorists never cowed the Jews of Gush Katif and played no part in the unilateral Knesset decision to evacuate. The courage of Katif Jews in the face of terrorist adversity is in stark contrast to the cowardice of hundreds of thousand of Arabs who fled with their tails between their legs in 1948. (Those who became refugees of their own accord.)

Despite Mohammed Deif’s enthusiastic threats of annihilation, he and his fellow murderers will have to wait till hell freezes over before Hamas terrorism might force the Jews to ever leave the Jewish State.

Intense Arab Ethnic Cleansing

Now the world is witness to the savage desecration of Jewish synagogues left standing by Israel. Jews had too much respect for the religious affinity of these buildings to destroy them. We hoped the Palestine Terrorist Authority would have the same respect as we have always had for abandoned mosques or churches.

But the deeply embedded apartheid ideology of the Palestinians which could not stomach a single Jew in their midst, could not even stomach a single Jewish building left standing.

Judenrein and Jew-buildingrein – such is the rabid Palestinian attachment to ethnic cleansing.

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