Why Do Self-hating Jews Remain Jews?

What is the secret that bonds Prof. Steven Rose, a self-hating Jew, to the Jewish people? Why does an atheist hold onto an affiliation that so offends him?

No one compels Rose to be a Jew. Why doesn’t he just stop being Jewish? He doesn’t even have to convert. Like so many others he could just cease being a Jew. Wouldn’t that lift the intolerable burden of his need to scathe Israel at every turn?

One must wonder at the motivation of a Jewish professor who hates Zionism and Israel so much. Why does he actively seek media publicity to express his deep dissatisfaction and attacks us for his prejudices in ways which he knows will gain wide media exposure?

I recall Steven Rose a couple of years back when, together with other Jewish professors of his ilk, publicly aired their disgust with Zionism and Israel by announcing abrogation of their right, as Jews, to immigrate to Israel. Did he think any one in the world gave a tinker’s cuss? The Roses never had the slightest intention of making aliyah. It was nothing more than a publicity seeking trick.

As expected however, it worked very well. It was just the kind of fodder the anti-Israel media loved. A Jewish professor no less and what appeared to be his biting criticism of Israel. It propelled the Roses into the limelight. There are more Jews in the world than there are in Israel and we obviously respect their right to live wherever they wish. Sure we are interested in more Jews making aliyah – and will help those who choose to come. But while we welcome those who return to the Jew`s ancestral home, Israel nevertheless values the Jewish diaspora.

None of us has ever tried to persuade the professors Rose to join us. Why should we give a hoot where they live? Nor would any diaspora Zionist shed a tear at their preference for England’s green and pleasant land. Hearty laughs at their stupid PR announcement should have been in order. But they knew the anti-Zionist media would eagerly grasp this strictly no-news item and splash it into an anti-Israel hate fest. The Roses were no doubt overjoyed that their PR trick worked so well.

A man who announces that he will not marry his fiancé is rightly ignored by the world`s news media. He deserves his obscurity. But let him add … “because I discovered she is a Zionist” – that would be a different kettle of fish. It would then become a field day especially for the anti-Semitic Guardian. (The Guardian is given first bite at publishing the Rose’s anti-Semitic forays.) Well the Roses are back in the hate Israel business this week with their latest PR announcement (abbreviated):

“… more than 120 university academics across Europe had signed an open letter calling for a moratorium on all future cultural and research links with Israel at European level until Israel abides by UN resolutions and opens serious peace negotiations along the lines of the recent Saudi peace plan.”

We are also reminded by the Roses and their group – as a matter of pique – that no other Mid East state merits the EU’s “cultural and research links with Israel”. However, we are given no context. So allow me to supply some:

  • No other Mid East State is democratic enough for the EU. All have capital punishment – outlawed by the EU.
  • Executions by decapitation or slow hanging and are carried out – in public.
  • Many states permit death by stoning for adulteresses. (Men get a pat on the back.)
  • Women who behave dishonorably are put to death by their dishonored families.
  • Thieves have limbs cut off in public.
  • Young females have their clitoris removed by older females.
  • Virtually all the Arab States harbor, succor and fund active terrorist groups. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst, having supplied 16 of the 19 terrorists which delivered 9/11 to the American people.
  • Slavery is still practiced in some states, including Saudi Arabia.
  • The PA is a Terrorist Authority which executes collaborators and coddles their armed terrorists.

Yet democratic Israel with its independent judiciary and none of the disqualifications of the Arab states, is the one picked on by the Roses and other misguided professors, for public excoriation. Israel with its 5.25 million Jews has more professors per capita than most countries of Europe. And publishes more academic work than most individual EU states – and certainly more than all the Mid East States put together.

Self hating Jews like Steven Rose don’t bother me one whit. They can hate themselves all they wish, 24/7. What I don’t understand is why they are so obssessed to hate Jews who think differently. Why hate yourself so much that you prefer as a matter of principle, no matter all the world’s evils, to align your time, energy and sympathies with terrorist enemies of the Jews?

The wars of the Roses are not over. Stay tuned for another PR demarche before long.

Now read Professor Rose`s Reply:

“If you don`t care what I think, why send me this rant?

I sent it to you because I published it on the internet. Consequently it was the right thing to do. Moreover I do care what you as an anti-Semitic Jew do, to demonize Israel and the vast majority of Jews who do not share your extreme prejudice.

“I ”˜remain` a Jew only in the sense that I was born and brought up as an orthodox Jew. You know as well as I do that so far as racists are concerned that makes me Jewish (and as far as the right of return and zionists for that matter as well). I have no wish to deny or conceal my ancestry.”

I`m confused. Why do you as a happy secular support the racist idea of relying on mom to identify your Jewish ancestry? If you had the courage of your convictions, surely you would deny that such racism applies to you? You could then have been a regular non-Jewish anti-Semite. And folks like me would never bother with you.

“I am, however happily secular, thank you very much for asking.”

You are mistaken, I never asked you. But permit me to inform you that I too am secular, proud of my Jewish heritage, proud of my peoples contribution to civilization, proud of Israels fierce struggle for survival.

“Your quote from our press release from April 2002 is hopelessly out of date.”

Maybe so, but your anti-Semitic views haven`t changed. Have they?

“Many thousands of academics across Europe share a commitment to moratorium or boycott of Israeli institutions whilst Israel remains and apartheid state.”

*Has prejudice so blinded you to reality? Democratic Israel is a country of laws, with an independent judiciary, with 1,300,000 equal rights Arab citizens, who have 11 members in the Knesset, 3 of whom are Deputy Speakers, and you call us an apartheid state?

Israel which has aided over 70,000 black Jews to join us? And some thousands of Indian Jews?

By inference you appear to be immune to the degrading treatment of women in Arab/Moslem autocracies. And to the prejudice against and the persecution – often including violence, torture and killings – of Christian and other minorities.

Please explain in what way any Judenrein Arab state in Africa and the Middle East is not an apartheid state? And when you`ve done with these, please give your attention to the other Islamic countries. (57 in all including the Arab states.)

“. . . in breach of human rights legislation and UN resolutions.”

So you are driven to undertake an academic boycott of Israels universities due to Israels human rights breaches?

I have counted over 200 states listed in the 2004 report of Human Rights Watch International. Must one conclude that you and your team, Prof. Rose, analyzed each one of these reports and concluded that the complaints against Israel were the worst? And that is your ostensible justification for focusing on Israel as the only state deserving your academic boycott?

Or is it not more reasonable to conclude that you and your organization consist of advanced anti-Semites, and that undisguised prejudice guides your boycott intentions?

Most alleged complaints against Israel originate from security related measures which Israel has instituted to protect our civilians. Especially during the last 4 years of vicious, unrelenting, unmerciful intifada initiated by 13 murderous terrorist organizations led, harbored and funded by the top-to-bottom corrupt Palestine Authority. And encouraged by virtually all Arab and Islamic states. (Say 1.24 billion people.)

“It is not anti-semitic to be anti-zionist or critical of Israel.” Steven Rose.

I agree with you absolutely! And you have no idea how self-critical Israelis are!

It is anti-Semitic nevertheless, when you and your organization focus on Israel as the sole victim of your blatant bias.

It is anti-Semitic when you do not also campaign against China`s flagrant abuse of Tibetan human rights (50 years of occupation).

It is anti-Semitic when you do not also involve yourself in the abuse of the human rights of India`s 160 million “untouchables” who suffer indescribable collective punishment for having been born into the wrong caste.

It is anti-Semitic when you know the human rights of so many Africans (Rwanda and Darfur) have been violated by mass rapine and slaughter, yet you look the other way and focus on Israel for boycotting.

Why did you not boycott Russia for its horrible record in Chechnya? Or Chechnya for its horrible record in Russia?

Why do you not also take up cudgels on behalf of the millions of Kurds whose national aspirations have been suppressed by Iraq and Turkey for so long?

Why did you never react to the Taliban in Afghanistan whose support made it possible for Osama Bin Laden to carry out the Twin Towers` massacre?

Why do you not also boycott Iran`s academia for the dire declarations of its leaders to exterminate the Jewish state?

And why do you spare the terrorist sponsoring state of Syria?

Because, Professor Rose, the only state you and your organization inherently hates is the Jewish State. That sir is anti-Semitism.

Jock L. Falkson

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  1. Lewis Lofln Says:

    I agree 100% Mr. Falkson.