Why The “Right of Return” Is A Wrong

Get Out Of The Way!

Here`s the situation. Hundreds of thousands of Arabs fled Palestine, mainly at the urging of the Arab armies poised to attack Israel in May 1948.

The armies instructed local Arab leaders to get villagers and their families out of harms way – to leave the field open for their military to achieve their war aims.

Genocide, Then Loot And Booty Aplenty

Arab war aims were simple: to exterminate the Jews of Israel and to wipe the one day old Jewish State off the map. It wouldn`t take long, they assured the locals. Meanwhile they had better get out because once the war had started there was no way Arab tanks, artillery, mortars, heavy machine guns and sky bombing could distinguish between Jew and Arab.

They had to get out for their own safety. When it was over they would return to loot and booty aplenty. Enriched by Jewish homes, shops, factories, cars, agricultural implements and farms. Everything the Jews had owned personally and communally.

It was an exciting prospect and the Arabs didnt need much urging. They would have done the exterminating themselves if only they could. Over the years theyd indulged in many small operations, successfully killing and maiming numbers of Jews. For the past many months they had indeed been very active.

Arab Final Solution

Killing Jews is mandated in the Koran and enthusiastically encouraged by their religious leaders, the mullahs and Imams. Local Arabs strongly supported the combined final Arab solution for the infidel Jews – a mission actively approved by tribal leaders, sheiks, muktars and muftis. Some thousands of the locally armed Arabs remained to fight with the invading Arab armies to help in the killing of Jewish soldiers and civilians.

It is necessary to reiterate that those now still alive ”“ and their progeny – who now want to exercise what they ingeniously call their “right of return”, continue to be our mortal enemies. They wanted to exterminate the Jews in 1948 ”“ and still do. They have not repented. They still lust to wipe our Jewish State off the map. Their children and grandchildren are raised to fulfill the blood-thirsty culture that “the only good Jew is a dead Jew.”

Daily Regimen Of Hatred And Revenge

Kept in appalling conditions the so called refugees* have depended on the charity of the United Nations. The Arab nations contributed surprisingly little to their upkeep. Fed with a never ending diet of anti-Jewish hatred and animosity, the original aims of these refugees have not changed in the slightest. (*So called because the vast majority were born into this status by a UN resolution.)

Jewish genocide still has the greatest appeal to the Arabs who now want to return to Israel. Only now their numbers have increased from an estimated 600,000 to some 3,500,000. Some put the figure even higher.

Compensation For Failed Genocide?

These folk want to come back to where they claim they lived before. The ones who wanted us dead then still want us dead now. The ones who couldn`t manage to do it themselves and had made way for their Arab brothers in arms to undertake wholesale Jewish murder and mayhem.

Now they want us to compensate them for having failed to exterminate us! They cry and bleat their cause incessantly the world over, as if we are responsible for the failure of their genocidal war.

“Right Of Return” To The State They Hate

The simple truth is that the Palestinian Arabs failed to exterminate us even with the help of the armies of Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Why did they prefer refugee status rather than return to the West Bank conquered by Jordan, and Gaza, conquered by Egypt? Why did Jordan and Egypt not give them their “right of return” when they ruled these territories from 1948 to 1967?

Why didn`t the Arabs ask, clamor, march, demonstrate and shout in the streets of Gaza and the West Bank? Not only for their so called right to return, but also for their own state? The simple answer to this apparent puzzle is that they did not yet know they were a nation! (Yet today they claim, without shame, that their nationhood in this part of the world goes back to time immemorial.)

In fact the notion that they might be a nation only surfaced when the Egyptian born Yasser Arafat took command of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) in the 1960s. Thats the real extent of “time immemorial”.

Sponsors of the Road Map now want to compel us to welcome back our unrepentant killers and their hate-imbued progeny. To introduce a blatant fifth column into our country with no loyalty whatever to the Jewish State, detesting its flag, abhorring its anthem and hating its people.

Commemorating Their Annual Nakbah

They want Israel, the Jewish State, to compensate them for their historic failure to exterminate us. A failure they commemorate as their Nakbah ”“ their catastrophe, now an annual day of prayer and mourning. And of not forgetting.

They grieve for having failed to exterminate us, but what do they continue to pray for? Not the welfare of the Jewish State but for its downfall and elimination from the world`s stage.

Who If Anyone Should Pay Compensation?

Should Israel help them? Hell no! The original refugees (those alive today are estimated at about 200,000) were active accomplices to premeditated mass murder. They were part of the plan to kill the Jews and share the spoils, the loot and property. In courts of justice they would be found guilty of a criminal conspiracy to actively aid Jewish genocide.

Don`t Delude Yourselves

You have taught and instilled Jew hatred into your communities for over 50 years. Your thirst for Jewish blood has not in any way been quenched. You know this, but we know it too. You are deluded if you think Israel will allow a thoroughly satiated Jew-hating community like yourselves to settle in diminutive Israel, the promised land of the Jewish people.

Jews Not For The Taking

Nor would we allow you to become full citizens – so you could outvote us in a generation. So you could be empowered to destroy the Jewish State by democratic means. And impose your will upon us . . . 7th century Shariah law, forced conversions to Islam and economic slavery. If not large scale massacres, extermination, and exile.

No way! {} {} {}

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