Can Jews Dominate
World Politics and Finance?

January 31, 2005. Updated June 21, 2006

A group of Russian nationalist MPs have recently called on the prosecutor-general to ban all Jewish groups, blaming them for provoking anti-Semitism and ethnic hatred.

A letter, signed by 20 members of the Duma, accuses Jews of dominating politics and the world of finance abroad and underwriting a war on Russian patriotism at home. (Reported by Julius Strauss in the Telegraph 26 Jan. 2005)

You`d have thought these 20 Duma Deputies were concerned with Jews dominating politics and finance in Russia. But no, this apparently was not their complaint. They called on the prosecutor-general to punish all Jewish groups in Russia . . . because Jews dominate politics and finance abroad! Don’t you find that incredible?

There`s pressure from Russian authorities to have this statement withdrawn. I hope that happens, but whether it does or not, analysis of this anti-Semitic nonsense is still necessary. We must always refute and expose anti-Semitic lies.

Jews Must Be Amazing

Jews are some 13 million in a world of 6,379,157,361 (according to the CIA World Fact Book 2004) living in 192 countries. So our 13 million, over 10 million of whom live in Israel and the US, dominate world politics and finance?

What`s with these racist anti-Semites? If their allegation were not the height of anti-Semitic balderdash surely the Guinness Book of Records should have given us title-page ranking by now?

Just How Great is Jewish Political Power?

Consider, for example, the well known political “power” of the Jewish/Israel lobby in the United Nations. Then think of the annual deceitful resolutions proposed by the Muslim nations against Israel. Year after year these anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Israel resolutions are passed with enormous majorities. With only Israel, the US, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands voting against.

Thats as good as Israels indomitable world political clout gets. A more miserable example of political power in world politics is hard to conceive. Yet all kinds of anti-Semites are convinced of the truth of this tommyrot of Jewish power. What`s missing, of course, is the evidence. But who needs truth when a doctrine of lies works so well for born and bred Jew-baters?

Islam’s Aim Of World Domination

Remember that eminent ignoramus Mahathir Mohamad, the Malaysian Prime Minister, who last year accused Jews of ruling the world (no less) and compelling nations to fight their (Jewish) wars by proxy? Such utter rubbish. Especially when you consider that while Israel would have been among the first to join the American led coalition against Iraq, it was the only country in the world not permitted to do so!

How strange that Iran and other countries of Islam which openly, repeat openly, proclaim their combined aim of world domination under their renewed caliphate, ruled by Sharia Law, which will return western culture to the year 700 . . . how come this threat does not arouse as much hatred as the anti-Semitic bullshit in the stupid ”˜Protocols`?

The Poison Of ”˜The Protocols . . .’

Absurdity was never good enough reason to eliminate Jew hatred. The current Russian absurdity is no more valid than the notorious, century old Russian forgery, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (1905). Philip Graves, a London Times journalist exposed this forgery in 1921. In a series of articles he revealed sections taken verbatim from a French political satire “Dialogues in Hell” by Maurice Joly (1864).

”˜Protocolswas first published by the Russian secret police to influence Tsar Nicholas into blaming the Jews (the worlds favorite scapegoat then and now) for Russia’s turmoil. Some sources say the secret police themselves composed the forgery.

”˜The Protocolscontinue to stoke the fires of anti-Semitism to this day and has done us immense harm. Anti-Semites refuse to let it die. These days it is reprinted and enthusiastically distributed by Arab nations to demonize Israel. Our so called peace partner Egypt is heavily engaged. So is Syria. So is Iran, which has actually announced its agenda to fulfill Hitlers cowardly Jewish genocide. But Iran won`t have it that easy. For unlike the Jews of Europe the Jews of Israel are not defenseless.

Can Jews Dominate World Finance?

Anti-Semites believe that Jews are so powerful in financial matters that they can bend the economy of the world to benefit Jews specifically. Moreover that Jews in high places are engaged in a secret conspiracy to bring this about. But why on earth would any intelligent anti-Semite fear such a bunch of losers as the so called “Elders of Zion” with nothing to show for pursuing their preposterous chimera for 100 years?

What rational person can possibly believe that Jews could possibly control world finance – so that they alone benefited – while the rest of the world did not? How can anyone believe that a group of Jews can dominate world finance? Such claptrap. But how evil and monstrous to try to pin this dangerous drivel onto us!

Tsunami Wave Of Market Forces

Market forces and supply and demand are the economic realities that shape the ebb and flow of the economies of individual countries and groups of nations. Like a tsunami wave these factors overwhelmed the 70 year old Soviet communist economy. It also forced communist China to adopt capitalist techniques and methods – as a result of which they are set to become the worlds greatest industrial power. Already a financial colossus, China is likely to be the worlds top exporting nation in the next decade.

Infantile Fantasies

How on earth can any group of Jewish individuals dominate such titanic economic forces? How insufferable is the paranoia of anti-Semites who strive mightily to keep alive a conspiracy of boogeymen that never happen and never will happen. Compelling us nevertheless, to constantly refute their poisonous infantile fantasies.

How can Jews, however intelligent, educated and smart they are alleged to be, play a dominant role in the turbulent sea of world economics? More to the point, why would smart, intelligent, highly educated Jews even consider pursuing such an uneducated, unintelligent, truly nonsensical idea?

Are Jews Fomenting War on Russian Patriotism?

As for the Duma’s allegation that Jews are fomenting anti-Russian patriotism, the only thing that can be said in its favor is that this is a new one. If only we understood how this is being done and, specifically, how will it benefit Jews if Russians were less patriotic?

If anyone in Russia is provoking racism, ethnic hatred and anti-Semitism these days, it is this group of ignorant Deputies, manifestly guilty of the crime of anti-Semitism by spreading totally unfounded and false allegations.

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World Politics and Finance?

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