The solution to Israel`s health problem

The Editor
Jerusalem Post


We keep hearing about the enormous problems which our country has with funding its health system. Perhaps we can take a lesson from the South African way this is being handled without any help from the government.

My South African company was a member of the Sanlam health insurance society. We paid the full amount of monthly premiums (peanuts) due for each person employed and his or her family.

The system was simplicity itself. Whenever someone needed medical attention for any reason whatever, that person would see his/her doctor. No matter how high the bill it was paid by Sanlam.

Aside from childhood diseases in my family and my wife who wanted some cosmetic surgery, no one in my family or company ever fell sick enough to see a doctor in the 25 years we were members. I first needed a doctor at age 80.

The present health bill gives the existing 4 health organizations a monopoly on providing medical care for the people of Israel. With the result that the owners of the 4 organizations have become billionaires. A gift came from a socialist government. Go figure!

Privately run medical insurance can do the whole job including free medicine and free membership for the unemployed except hospital services, without a cent from the government.


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